McDo Honey Butter Shake Shake Fries (NEW Flavor!)

There’s something new in the world of fries!!! McDonald’s brings back Shake Shake Fries with cheese and barbecue flavors — and now, with HONEY BUTTER FLAVOR!!!

I ordered one cheese and one honey butter shake shake fries. So I put the fries in two separate paper bags, emptied the contents of the cheese powder in one paper bag, and the honey butter powder in the other… and started shaking them.

Oh my!!! One bite from each bag was amazing!!! The sweet and salty combination for the win!!! I finished everything in a couple of minutes! Next time I will pace myself. This was my #ShakeShakeShookt moment with McDo’s Shake Shake Fries.

If you’re like me who’s fond of the sweet and salty combo — order honey butter and cheese shake shake fries and finish them in one sitting too, and get #shookt hahaha!!!

“SHOOKT, one of the many terms coined by millennials, is used to express a feeling of overwhelming emotion, such as a high score on an exam, a reply from a crush, or an amazing YouTube video.”

McDonald’s official accounts:
Twitter: @McDo_PH
Instagram: @mcdo_ph

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