10 Things To Know About Misty Lodge, Sagada

My family and I spent a wonderful time in Sagada and we checked in at Misty Lodge and Cafe. I felt so blessed we chose this lodge. The owner and her staff were very warm and friendly, matching the warm interiors of the place and home-cooked meals.

In case you want to choose to stay at Misty Lodge too, here’s a list of things that could be of help.

10 Things To Know About Misty Lodge and Cafe in Sagada:

1. Ambiance

This is probably the most peaceful among the lodges here in Sagada. While the rest are in the crowded, busy and noisy town proper area, Misty Lodge is wonderfully secluded from all the buildings and establishments. It’s surrounded by lush pine trees giving the guests a relaxing view from the window.

They made the place look very comfortable and relaxing to the eyes with the all the owl-themed decors, wooden shelves, wooden walls and books.

Pine wood is used for the walls, tables, chairs shelves and other furniture. You see its natural warm color with the varnished finish.

Having this kind of ambiance made me feel special.

2. Cafe

Misty Lodge is blessed to have its own cafe. A lot of lodges here don’t offer food, so at Misty Lodge, you experience that convenience. A regular meal costs Php150. That was the price for my bacon dish that came with brown rice and fried egg.

They also serve burger, pasta, pizza, bread, steak, coffee and others.

Cafe hours:

3. Best Sagada Yoghurt

In Sagada, so many establishments sell yogurts which they prefer to spell as yoghurt with an h. It’s because the locals were supposedly influenced by the Caucasian tourists years ago that encouraged them to make their own yoghurt.

But I find Sagada yoghurt too sour. Many foreign tourists like them tangy, so they probably prefer this kind. I don’t. That’s why I am so grateful Misty Lodge made its own version blending sweet and tangy in perfect harmony resulting in the best Sagada yoghurt for my Filipino taste buds.

It’s very thick with ice cream-like texture and topped with delicious homemade concoctions. My favorite’s the blueberry yoghurt at Php95.

4. Rooms

The rooms are clean and aren’t just plain white compared to other Sagada lodges. The colors are mostly shades of light brown, made alive by the pine wood used. This used to be the place of residence of the owner Ms. Sigrid Pacyaya and her family, where relatives would often visit for a short vacation. They converted the house into a lodge after the growing tourists’ clamor in Sagada for more decent and comfy accommodations.

They don’t have toilets or bath rooms in the rooms though, except for the cottage located outside the main structure. So if you’re planning to stay here at the cottage with a group, I recommend you reserve in advance the cottage that accommodates 2 to 8 persons. The cottage is sought after because of its own private bath room.

The rates? Php350 per head depending on the room in the main house. Usually rooms are priced starting at Php700+ per room for 2 persons.

But for the cottage, it’s priced at Php1500 good for 2, plus Php500 per extra person.

Check for group promos. Sometimes they offer a rate of Php1,800 for a group of four in a room with two beds and complimentary breakfast for four.

*Rates may change without prior notice.

5. Comfort Rooms and Bath Rooms

There are three communal toilet/ bath rooms. Only one person can use the the bath/toilet at a time. Keep this in mind to anticipate the long queue. There’s one on the second floor, one on the ground floor and another at the back of the lodge.

Also, bring your own towel, soap and shampoo. They have towels for rent though, priced at Php50 per towel.

6. Footwear

To keep the place clean, especially with the minimal number of staff members, guests are not allowed to bring inside their slippers and shoes except inside the cafe.

7. Curfew, Check In, Checkout

There’s a 10pm curfew. No one’s allowed to get drunk. They want to maintain the peace and quiet so the guests can rest well. There’s a sign here that tells guests to observe silence from 10pm to 6am.

Check in at 12nn and checkout at 11am.

8. Love

A lot of signage related to love are seen outside the rooms. I enjoy reading these reminders.

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”
“Love your family.”
“Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words.”

9. Signal

There’s free wifi but the signal is weak. If you plan to check emails and your social media accounts, be very patient.

Mobile signal is also erratic. There are spots with weak signal, and areas with three bars.

Hey, it’s time to relax and detach from social media when in Sagada.

10. Contact Details

Address: Staunton Road, Sagada, Mountain Province
Owner: Ms. Sigrid Y. Pacyaya
Tel. Nos.: 09261235186 / 09274743077 / 09051838963
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Misty-Lodge-and-Cafe-333764409989031/
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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