Best Fish Ever @ Mango Tree Bistro

mango-tree-bistro-trinoma-017-2The best fish ever, and it’s no joke! You just have to try Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now. I know the name is already a mouthful, right!? I experienced this at Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City. It’s a casual fine dining restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine.


But before we go to the star of the show, let’s begin with the salads.

Prawn Ceviche is a refreshing salad that packs a lot of heat! Subtle sweetness from the mangoes, and kick from the chopped chili. It’s made of prawns, ripe mangoes, cucumber, onions, cilantro, Thai fish sauce, chili, and lime juice. You can ask the server to adjust the level of heat depending on your preference. But I like this spicy.

Prawn Ceviche Php240

Prawn Ceviche Php240

I also enjoyed Som Tum Chicharon. It’s tangy and spicy, and like the first salad, it also has that refreshing feel to it. It has green papaya, string beans, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dry roasted shrimps, pork rind (chicharon), chili, and peanuts.

Som Tum Chicharron Php320

Som Tum Chicharron Php320

You can also try the Tom Yum Chicken Wings for starters. It’s deep fried chicken wings with tom yum powder and chili flakes.

Tom Yum Chicken Wings Php290

Tom Yum Chicken Wings Php290

After the salads and appetizers, it’s time for the main meal.

Chicken Prik Thai Dum is coated chicken fillet, stir-fried with black pepper sauce. The sauce settles at the bottom part of the dish so be sure to mix it well for the flavors to embrace each bite. This dish is made of chicken, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, bell pepper, black pepper, garlic, and chili.

Chicken Prik Thai Dum Php240

Chicken Prik Thai Dum Php240

The chicken dish goes so well with Spaghetti Chicken Grapow. It’s light, and garlicky. It’s spaghetti with chicken, garlic, chili, basil, and light soy sauce.

Spaghetti Chicken Grapow Php200

Spaghetti Chicken Grapow Php200

Now for the star of the dining experience, the Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now. The sea bass is served in a tangy and tasty broth, with seafood chili sauce on the side. The broth bursts with refreshing flavors from lemongrass, lemon, galanggal (ginger family), kaffir lime leaves, and garlic. Smother the fish with the sauce that has a lot of garlic and chili. I highly recommend you try this. I enjoyed it even more with the extra helping of the seafood chili sauce.

Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now Php980

Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now Php980

With all the spices, it’s best to cool down with their desserts.

The Mango Cheesecake can definitely help temper down the heat. It has ripe mangoes arranged to look like a rose. It also has cream cheese, lime juice, mango sauce, and crushed grahams.

Mango Cheesecake Php250

Mango Cheesecake Php250

The Thai Halo-Halo is another awesome dessert. It’s very rich and creamy because it has coconut milk, condensed milk, and macapuno ice cream. It’s also made of crushed ice, red ruby water chestnuts, sweetened saba, corn, and sago.

Thai Halo-Halo Php180

Thai Halo-Halo Php180

For drinks, I hope you try their Thai Iced Coffee (brewed Thai coffee, condensed milk, crushed ice) and Thai Iced Tea (Thai tea, milk, crushed ice).

Thai Iced Coffee Php80 Thai Iced Tea Php80

Thai Iced Coffee Php80
Thai Iced Tea Php80

Here’s a little more info about Mango Tree Bistro from their website:

Thai cuisine at its best…

Thai cuisine is certainly one of the favorite cuisines of the world and world-renowned Thai restaurant Mango Tree has recently landed in Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig. Mango Tree, being a casual fine dining restaurant, ensures every guest has their memorable experience with its Thai lifestyle cooking and warm hospitality.


After the tremendous success of 2 previous outlets of Mango Tree Bistro in Quezon City and Makati City, Mother Spice Food Corp. unfurls the new Mango Tree with the memorable tagline, “Thai Cuisine at Its Best”, serving as the city’s new dining beacon subsequent to its popular outlets in Bangkok, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Doha.

Mango Tree Bistro, Trinoma

Mango Tree Bistro, Trinoma

Mango Tree ranks as a world-class restaurant with dedicated Thai traditions and hospitality and is ready to open its doors to welcoming guests with the freshest ingredients and incredible flavors. Headed by seasoned Chef Siwat Korsem with experience in Thai cuisine for over 27 years, Chef Korsem will continue Mango Tree’s vision of ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the complexity of tastes by using only the best and freshest ingredients, an array of nutritious Thai organic herb and spices and the cooking lifestyle that would spell an impeccable experience always.

Mango Tree’s menu brings together the best of all four regions of Thailand. Its signature dishes include Miang Kham, Yum Pla Duk Fu, Gai Hor Bai Toey, Goong Mare Nam Pow, Kae Yang, Khor Moo Yang, Tom Yum Goong, Gaeng Phed Ped Yang, Panang Kae, Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree, Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now, Phad Phak Bung Fai Daeng, Phad Thai Goong, Khao Niew Ma Muang – all to challenge the customers’ taste buds. They are all destined to bring a true and unforgettable Thai cuisine experience.

Mango Tree… Thai cuisine at its best.

mango-tree-bistro-trinoma-003MANGO TREE BISTRO
Address: Level 3, Garden Restaurants, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: 09178902166 / (02) 5855460 / (02) 9160297
Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 1130AM – 10PM
Friday to Saturday: 1130AM – 11PM
Sunday: 11AM – 1030PM
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @MangoTreeManila

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6 Reasons To Visit Coron’s Kayangan Lake


Visit what Coron Tourism tags as the most photographed spot in Coron – the Kayangan Lagoon. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Kayangan Lake with its astonishing underwater rock formations. And discover the enchanting Awuyuk Kayangan Cave where you’d have to swim to go through its narrow entrance. You can do all that during theKayangan Lake Tour.


The trip itself to Kayangan by boat from the mainland was already breathtaking. The islets made of limestone of different shapes and sizes were amazing. They’re countless and they’re photogenic.

kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-007 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-013 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-021 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-024 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-025

Once you reach the Kayangan docking area, you’ll see houses on stilts along the boardwalk. From there, it’s a short walk before you start climbing the steep stairs. I suggest you stretch first, especially your thigh muscles and calves.


Since hiking is involved, visiting time here for tourists is from 8am to 4pm only. When it gets dark, trekking or going up and down the steep steps can become dangerous. There are no lampposts here and if you miss a step, it’s going to be a long and bumpy fall.

Ms. Corrin Alarcon, Coron Tourism officer, said the climb’s about 75 meters up, and it could take about 15 to 30 minutes. There’s a treat waiting at the summit, which is already halfway going to Kayangan Lake.


Ask your tour guide to bring you to the cave at the top. You can pose at the cave’s entrance for awesome photos, but spelunking here is not allowed for the safety of tourists. It’s said to be a “dead cave”. According to Answers-dot-com, a dead cave has “no moisture or no growth of mineral deposits associated with moisture.”

kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-054 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-086


Right in front of the cave is a cliff that’s also the best spot to view the Kayangan Lagoon. Ms. Alarcon said the Kayangan Lagoon is the most photographed site in Coron. Lagoon photographs are taken from the cliff and are used for postcards and promotional materials widely circulated online. Actually, the Kayangan Lagoon’s where the docking area is. But when I was on the boat, the lagoon didn’t look as spectacular as how it looked from the top view. That’s perspective. Sometimes the beauty comes alive and magnified when you start taking a different perspective, when you step back and appreciate the bigger picture from afar. Aha! Just like life.

kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-072 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-090

After spending a few minutes at the peak, it’s time for the descent to the Kayangan Lake. Again, careful with the steps, especially when it’s drizzling because it may get slippery.


Kayangan Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines. The lake has crystal clear water. From the boardwalk, I could see underwater rock formations. A lot of tiny elongated fish populated the lake. Our tour guide calls them needlefish.

I wanted to be one with the lake and immediately thought of jumping. But I had to proceed with caution. I had my life vest on. The tour guide advised me to look for a deeper part of the lake before jumping. There are areas where sharp rock formations abound. If you try to take the plunge clumsily on impulse, it might be really painful if you hit the rocks.

So, let your adventure be safe. Our guide showed me where it was okay to jump. I did. And the lukewarm water was welcoming. It tasted slightly salty. They say the water here is 70% fresh water and 30% salt water.

I had to go deeper. There was just so much more to see underwater. Kayangan lake’s view from below was like a different world on its own. So, I took my life vest off because it kept me afloat and prevented me to examine the depths of the lake. It could’ve been better if I had goggles with me, but the clear water was big help.

kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-109 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-141 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-145 kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-151


I held on to a part of the rock formation and used it to push me down, steady myself and enjoy the view under.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s even more. I swam a bit further to this cave still in the lake area. Wow! I was excited. A cave in the lake! Ms. Alarcon, at first, told me it was called the “Cathedral Cave.” Maybe other people have called this that name too. But she said it may also have been called the “Awuyuk Kayangan Cave.” Well, whatever it’s name is, I just want to call it AMAZING!

kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-144a kayangan-lagoon-lake-coron-palawan-162

I was surprised to see that there was an actual opening on the limestone wall. This is the narrow entrance to the small cave. Boats won’t fit, so tourists have to swim.

And swim I did. It felt like I was inside a movie. Everything was surreal. I wanted to hold my breath for thirty minutes to enjoy my underwater adventure into the cave and explore. The rocks everywhere seemed happy to assist me. Underwater, I held on to a rock, then to the next rock, to pull me deeper into the cave.

But when it was time to gasp for air, I found myself in the heart of the cave with beams of sunlight greeting my eyes. When I looked up, there was an opening on the cave ceiling allowing the sun to take a peek. It was perfect to light the inner part of the cave. There was no need for flashlights because of this.

I wanted to stay longer. If I could just breathe underwater and cover every inch of the cave and lake. That would be fantastic. But my trip to Kayangan Lake is part of a package and I had to continue with the island hopping tour.

I think I spent about three hours here. Next time I go back to Coron, I’d like to stay here a bit longer, say, six hours. From all the lakes I’ve explored all over the Philippines, I could say Kayangan’s my top pick.

When you arrive in Busuanga Airport in Coron, Palawan, you can find a lot of brochures offering island hopping packages. The hotels also offer this, if not, they can refer you to those who do. A very affordable island hopping package offers the 6-in-one tour where you can select six destinations, plus lunch, for only Php650+. Make sure Kayangan is part of the tour.

Coron Municipality, Palawan Province, Philippines
Visiting Time: 8am to 4pm
How to visit:
– you can look for tour operators
– check brochures from the airport and the hotel
– go to the pier and rent a boat
– ask assistance from the Coron MTO or Municipal Tourism Office hotline: 0998-1632666

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Buffets in Trinoma Mall

If your tummy is a bottomless pit, or if your appetite needs to test its limits, then say good bye to your hunger pangs. Here’s a list of eat-all-you-can restaurants in Trinoma Mall, North Ave. cor. EDSA, Quezon City.

Filipino Food
Buffet: Php298+
Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm
Tel. No.: (02) 901-3602

Japanese and Filipino Cuisine
Buffet: Php399+ to Php499+
Operating Hours: 12nn – 12mn
Tel. Nos.: (02) 901-8833 / 0917-8367921
Facebook Page:

(Korean Food)
Meat All You Can: Php499+
Meat All You Can Plus Seafood: Php699+
No Limits Plus Special BBQ: Php899+
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 12mn
Thursday to Saturday 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 2am
Tel. No.: 0917-5558858
Facebook Page:

(Sushi – Smokeless Grill)
Eat & Drink All you Can: Php558+ to Php699+ (Depending on lunch, dinner, holiday, weekend)
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday 11am – 2:00pm, 5:30pm – 10pm
Friday – Sunday 11am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Tel. Nos.: (02) 901-0057/ 861-1718/ 861-4022
Facebook Page:

DISCLAIMER: Rates and buffet promos may change without prior notice.

Wee Nam Kee

If you’re still trying to decide where to eat when you’re in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, let me help you with that. Wee Nam Kee is definitely a must. The taste of Singapore at its finest.


Wee Nam Kee serves the best laksa I have ever had. It has that right level of heat that won’t give me tears or sweat. But if you want a stronger kick, there’s more chili available. It has rich coconut broth with the yummiest squid balls and fish cakes. It also has bean sprouts and squid. This is good for two to three persons.

Classic Laksa Php320

Classic Laksa Php320

The condiments will help you add more heat to your laksa and their other dishes. Choose from their pounded ginger, chili sauce, and dark soya sauce.



If you love prawns, you must try their salted egg yolk prawns. It’s rich because of the salted egg yolk mix embracing the prawns.

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (4 pieces) Php450

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (4 pieces) Php450

You might also want to try their bbq satay platter with peanut sauce on the side.

BBQ Satay Platter (Pork and Chicken/ 8 sticks) Php330

BBQ Satay Platter (Pork and Chicken/ 8 sticks) Php330

I highly recommend you order their pineapple fried rice. It’s amazing! It has pork floss on top, shrimps, and a lot of the good stuff going on. Pineapple tidbits add slight sweetness and make this refreshing to the palate.

Pineapple Fried Rice Php270

Pineapple Fried Rice Php270

Their Milo dinosaur made me feel like a kid again. It’s the chocolate drink I enjoyed growing up. And it’s served with the chocolate powder sprinkled on top of the drink.

Milo Dinosaur Php135

Milo Dinosaur Php135

If you want your beverage fruity, you can order their strawberry passionfruit cooler. It’s a drink with fizz and its strong passionfruit taste helps neutralize strong flavors from the dishes.

Strawberry Passionfruit Cooler Php125

Strawberry Passionfruit Cooler Php125

Here are other food items from the menu:

Signature Dishes
Steamed Hainanese Chicken
Roasted Hainanese Chicken
Personal Set 195
Quarter Set (2 pax) 288
Half Set (3-4 pax) 515
Whole Set (6-8 pax) 888
Steamed Hainanese Yellow Chicken
Small (2 pax) 455
Medium (3-4 pax) 898
Large (6-8 pax) 1688

Sizzling Singapore Style Hot Plate Tofu 295
Minced Crabmeat Tofu with Brocolli Meat 295
Mixed Seafood and Tofu in Traditional Claypot 320
Salt and Pepper Tofu 150


Crispy Mantou Bread with Condensed Milk 78
Prawn Paste Chicken Wings 230
Prawn Rolls in Beancurd Skin 230

Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup 98 / 250
Spinach Soup with Seafood 98 / 265
Sweet Corn Soup with Minced Chicken 95 / 260
Clear Clam Soup (for sharing) 260

Noodles in Soup
Barbecued Pork Noodle Soup 245
Hainanese Chicken with Curry Noodles 368
Steamed/Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup 245
Pork Chop Noodle Soup 245
Singaporean Fish Noodle Soup (for sharing) 328

Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Floss 270
Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice 50
Wee Nam Kee Fried Rice 250
Salted Fish Fried Rice 250
Sambal Fried Rice 250
Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice 270

Spinach 230
Kang Kong 230
Brocolli 250
Kai Lan 235
Taiwan Pechay 230
Sambal Kang Kong 230
Eggplant with Minced Pork in Hotpot 260
Spinach with White and Century Egg in Superior Stock 260
Classic Mixed Vegetables 230


Wok-Fried Chicken with Cashews and Sun-Dried Chili 290
Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken 320

Sweet & Sour Pork 275
Barbecued Pork 265
Roasted Pork 250
Honey Garlic Spareribs 318
Cashew Coffee Spareribs 315
Wee Nam Kee Pork Chop 250
Sweet Marmite Park Ribs 295
Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Salt and Pepper 308
Tofu Roasted Pork with Black Beans 295
Salted Egg Pork Ribs 330
Stewed Pork Belly with Steamed Buns 365

Tamarind Lemongrass Fish Fillet Stew 335
Hainanese Curry Fish Fillet 335
Butterflied Tilapia with Singapore “Chili Crab” Sauce 425
Butterflied Tilapia with Citrus Tamarind Sauce 425
Prawns with Lychee and Peaches (4 pcs.) 450
Cereal Prawns (4 pcs.) 450
Steamed Prawns in Vermicelli Noodles (4 pcs.) 450
Steamed Pacific Dory with Minced Garlic 295
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet 295
Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Ginger & Spring Onion 295
Claypot Fish Fillet with Beancurd and Black Beans 295
Honey Crispy Squid 350
Sambal Squid 285
Salt and Pepper Squid 290
Stir Fried Clams in Spicy Thai Sauce 290
Hot Plate Seafood Combination 330

Sauteed Beef Fillet with Brocolli in Oyster Sauce 320
Sauteed Beef Fillet in Sate Sauce 395
Cantonese Beef Tenderloin Ribs with Peas and Carrots 395

Rice Toppings
Roasted Pork Rice 225
Barbecued Pork Rice 225
Wee Nam Kee Pork Chop Rice 225
Sweet and Sour Pork Rice 245
Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken Rice 265
honey Garlic Spareribs Rice 240
Stewed Pork Belly Rice 265
Sauteed Beef Filet with Brocolli Rice 265
Tofu Roasted Pork with Black Bean Rice 260

Spicy Sambal Rice Noodles 330
Fookien Noodles 285
Hong Kong Birthday Noodles 335
Hong Kong Fried Noodles 330
Shredded Chicken Crispy Noodles 315
Seafood Crispy Noodles 335

Cheesecake Buchi (5 pcs.) 139
Light Coco-Mango Mousse 119

Fresh Barley Juice (Hot or Iced) 68
Bottomless 95
Lime Juice 55
Mango Mint Smoothie 125
Cucumber Lime Refresher 135
Milo Dinosaur 135
Strawberry Passionfruit Cooler 125


Address: Unit 4019, 4th Floor, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City
Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm
Tel. Nos.: (02) 576-6318 / 0917-8285017
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @weenamkeeph
Hashtag: #weenamkeeph

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DISCLAIMER: Items and rates may change without prior notice.

Sancho Churreria Manila


If you’re driving along Maginhawa Street, which is a destination for gastronomic adventure, Sancho Churreria Manila is a must for awesome Spanish cuisine.

The modest size of the place cannot and should not reflect the restaurant’s dishes, which are definitely big in flavors.


This is where I had the best, and I mean the best, Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie. I suggest you call the restaurant first to reserve because, sometimes, they run out of stock. It’s that good. It has steak slices in the pie with rich mushroom sauce and mashed potato.

Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie Php195

Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie Php195

Another must in this restaurant is their tender, tasty, and garlicky Salpicao. You can have this as an appetizer or as a main meal with rice or potatoes.

Salpicao Php195

Salpicao Php195

I love ox tongue and their Lengua Estofada’s prepared very well. It’s very tender. I enjoyed this so much with rice.

Lengua Estofada Php210

Lengua Estofada Php210

For dessert, you can try their famous Churros Con Chocolate. Dip the churros in the hot chocolate and close your eyes because it just might remind you of something familiar. It tasted a lot like the churros from Dulcinea. No surprise, because the owner and some of the staff used to work with Dulcinea.

Churros Con Chocolate Php85

Churros Con Chocolate Php85

The place can comfortably accommodate around 20 guests, since the restaurant is always full, especially during dinner, I suggest you make table reservations.

With Owner Dolly Manalang

With Owner Dolly Manalang

The restaurant’s Facebook page explained how they came up with their name:
The name Sancho is derived from a character of the famous novel “Don Quixote de la Mancha”. Sancho Panza is the ever faithful squire of Don Quixote. The name Sancho very aptly represents the restaurant because Sancho is a fat and jolly character who has a very voracious appetite. And to add to that, his family name, Panza, means belly (stomach). Churreria refers to a place or establishment that serves churros, a Spanish delicacy. Thus the additional name Churreria Manila, an establishment in Manila that serves churros.


Address: 122 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City
Tel. No.: (02) 436-5539
Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 11am – 10:30pm

Disclaimer: Prices may change without prior notice.