5 New Goldilocks Treats to Watch Out For

As Goldilocks celebrates its 50th birthday, I’m totally blown away at how far they’ve gone in creating new treats and recreating old favorites. It has been branded as a bakeshop, but it’s no longer just about cakes.


I’m loving all the new flavors of their famous polvoron, a sweet treat that’s crumbly, and often made of flour, sugar, milk, nuts, and other ingredients. It’s only now that I’ve tried the other flavors, aside from the classic polvoron. Enjoy these flavors: ube, peanut, cashew, cookies n’ cream, pinipig, and coffee crumble.

Polvoron Mallows

And here’s another twist to their polvoron, the polvoron mallows. Imagine polvoron with marshmallows and coated with chocolate. That’s what you get.

Nutty Caramel Popcorn

The nutty caramel popcorn is something I have enjoyed growing up, and now it comes in new packaging and comes pocket-sized too. It’s crunchy caramel coated popcorn with nuts.

Buttercreme Bites
Brownie Crisps

The brownie crisps and buttercreme bites are crunchy partners for my coffee breaks.

Buttercreme bites are pieces of bread dough coated with sugar.

Brownie crisps taste like brownies with the crunch of cookies topped with chocolate chips.

1. Polvoron
Flavors: ube, peanut, cashew, cookies n’ cream, pinipig, coffee crumble Php56 (10 pcs) and Php122 (24 pcs)
2. Polvoron Mallows Php33
3. Nutty Caramel Popcorn 40g Php19
4. Brownie Crisps Php45
5. Buttercreme Bites Php35

* Prices may vary according to location.
* Prices may change without any prior notice.
* Additional disclaimer: Actual food presentation in stores may vary.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoldilocksPH/
Tel. No.: (02) 532-4050
Website: https://www.goldilocks.com.ph/
Stores: https://www.goldilocks.com.ph/stores
Instagram: @GoldilocksPH
Hashtags: #Goldilocksat50 #Goldi500

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