Baluarte Ilocos Sur -046Visiting Baluarte is the only part of the Ilocos tour that allows you to enjoy the animals up close and personal. It’s definitely a must in the itinerary.

Baluarte Ilocos Sur -091-2Entrance is free. Of course there are add-ons if you want to have fun with their rides, touch the tiger, or kiss the seal. But that’s perfectly okay.

You can go around the place by walking or you can take the shuttle.

I love it here especially because there are animals that can roam freely. Like the ostrich and deer.Baluarte Ilocos Sur -071 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -086 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -068

Baluarte Ilocos Sur -006

There are also caged animals to make sure the guests are safe.

They have live animal shows too, a petting zoo, a butterfly garden, and my favorite — the animal encounters.

The tiger is the most popular attraction here. I went near it and touched it! Amazing. We also had a group photo with it.

Baluarte Ilocos Sur -041-2

But it’s not just the tiger you can touch. They also have the birds, snakes, seals and others.

Baluarte Ilocos Sur -064 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -059 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -049

You can also visit this golden tower which is the rest house of Chavit Singson, the owner of Baluarte. There’s a room here where boxing champ Manny Pacquiao supposedly stayed during his past visits. The roof deck provides a relaxing panoramic view of the place.

Baluarte Ilocos Sur -033 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -026 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -039

There’s also the Safari Gallery where you can find Chavit’s conquests. The animals he hunted are stuffed here and preserved for people to see.

Baluarte Ilocos Sur -009 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -011 Baluarte Ilocos Sur -013

And if you get hungry, don’t worry. The Cafeteria provides guests the taste of Ilocano at affordable rates. Click here to read more about the Cafeteria and its menu.

The Cafeteria at Baluarte Ilocos Sur -012

Address: Brgy. Salindeg, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
Contact Number: (077) 722-7186

Free Entrance
Operating Hours: 8am (Opening TIme), 4:30pm (Last Entry), 5pm (Closing Time)

Animal Shows: 10am, 2pm, and 4pm

Tour Guide Services Private Shuttle: Php600 for 6 persons / Php1,000 for 12 persons
Shuttle Itinerary:
Drive-Thru Avian Hi-way, Kangaroo, Taiwan Deer, Wallaby Alley, Tiger’s Ridge
Drop-Off Zebra Stop, Safari Gallery, Chavit’s House R.A., Zoovenir Shop, Animal Show, Butterfly Garden, Baluarte Mascot
Shuttle Service to Safari Gallery: Php50 per person, round trip

Fun Rides (Aquaball, Camel, Horseback, Calesa, Filmfest): Php200

Sala Ti Darang” The Art of Fire Dancing
Weekends 7pm and 8:30pm

Fridays – Sundays and Holidays 6pm-9pm
Discovery Trail: Adult/Php50, Children/Php20, Senior Citizen/Php40
Tram on Tour: Adult/Php100, Children/Php40, Senior Citizen/Php80

Tiger Photo for 4 Persons with Printout: Php250
Walking with the Tiger, 1 piece A4 printout and 3 pieces 5R printout: Php500
Camel Riding Php100, Camel Photo Php50
Outback Encounters (Kangaroo) Php100
Seals Encounter: Php200/person (kiss from the seal), Php300 for three persons group picture

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