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It’s a long weekend and we’re celebrating Philippine Independence Day. But for my family and I, it’s temporary independence from stress. It’s time to relax, unwind and eat good food at Bay-ler View Hotel.

Bay-ler View Hotel has the total package. It’s perfect for its beachfront, cozy accommodations, affordability, excellent dishes, surfing instructors and tour assistance.


All the rooms have aircon, hot shower, cable TV, complimentary toiletry kit, bottled water and wifi.

Guests also enjoy complimentary breakfast. For non-peak days, they offer tapsilog (yummy tapa flakes, egg, rice and drink), porksilog (crispy pork, egg, rice and drink) and tocilog (sweet cured pork, egg, rice and drink).

But since it was packed, breakfast buffet was served!!! When the hotel is fully booked, they no longer offer a la carte meals in the morning. The complimentary meal becomes an eat-all-you-can feast. For walk-ins during this time, they can also avail of the breakfast buffet at Php200.

Here are the room rates and other details:

The view here is simply stunning. The breathtaking Sabang Beach, the crashing of waves and the natural lighting.


Bay-ler View Hotel is also known for the gastronomic adventure they provide guests.

For salads, you have to order their Pako Salad. That’s fresh wild ferns served with onions, tomatoes, salted eggs and the delicious salted egg dressing.

Pako Salad

And here’s where the excitement truly builds up. I highly recommend you try their bestselling Boneless Crispy Pata. (How to make the Boneless Crispy Pata? Click here) The crunchy pork skin and well-seasoned tender meat made me close my eyes and smile as I savored every bite.

Boneless Crispy Pata

Their Pinakbet with Bagnet is another must-try. Stir-fried vegetables with bagoong and crunchy pork belly.

Pinakbet with Bagnet

For desserts, their extremely popular Chocnut Turon is the bomb! Fried banana fritters and chocnut in spring roll wrappers, served with ice cream and chocolate syrup. The peanut butter flavor from the chocnut complements the taste of the bananas.

Chocnut Turon

They also have a different version of the Banana Split we love. It’s made of sweet fried bananas, ice cream, caramel sauce and cherry on top.

Banana Split

Here’s their menu:

Click here to read about the famous Chocnut Turon and other dishes at Bayler View Restaurant.


Instructors and surfboards are ready to get your adrenaline pumped. The hotel offers this too. For beginners, I suggest you use the biggest surfboards they have. It’s easier to ride the waves with big surfboards, so reserve that ahead of time. The instructors will orient you on land at the beach, will bring you to the area where waves are great, and give you that push to help you surf. Surfing lessons, with instructor and surfboard, Php350 per hour.


The hotel staff can assist you with van rentals, tour guides and suggested destinations to make it easier for you to have the complete Baler experience.

Address: Buton St. Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Facebook Page:
Tel. Nos.: 0919-2863105 / 0927-3638735
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @baylerview
Instagram: @baylerviewhotel
Trip Advisor:

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