Coral Garden is trusted for four decades of serving authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine. And they lived up to this reputation when I finally dined and had a slice of heaven here.

I’ve been to Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, all those parts of China, and yet, the Chinese gastronomical experience at Coral Garden exceeds those Chinese dining adventures.

Why? Maybe because of the four decades of Coral Garden’s existence, they’ve mastered the Filipino and Chinese palate, combining the best of both worlds. Exquisite Chinese cuisine for the Filipino tastebuds.

I strongly recommend you dine here with a group, so you could order more varied dishes for sharing. This way you get to taste more of the delicious food they offer.

Start with soup. For the full experience, try the Coral Soup. It’s hot and sour soup with soft tofu, pork and preserved cucumber. It’s one of Spot.PH’s top ten hot and sour soup. This signature hot and sour soup is a regional cuisine in Beijing and Sichuan, China.

Coral Soup Php65 / Php185 / Php285

The lettuce wrap is an awesome appetizer. They call this Chunbuan. It’s ground pork, shrimp and shitake mushroom on a bed of crispy noodles wrapped in iceberg lettuce leaves. Add hoisin sauce to taste.

Chunbuan Php395 (Lettuce Wrap)

Another must is the Coral Supreme. This is fried fresh milk with real crabmeat sauce topped over snowy white crispy noodles.

Coral Supreme Php355

For poultry, the Coral Chicken is superb. It’s chicken stew that’s aromatic and full of flavors.

Coral Chicken Php335 / Php380 Half chicken in their house special sauce.

Their seafood hotpot has noodles, scallops, shrimps, squid, shitake mushrooms, tofu and mung bean thread.

Seafood Hotpot Php475

Another highly recommended seafood on the menu is the Fish Fillet in Crabmeat Sauce. The fish is good but the crabmeat sauce is what gives it so much character. Rich and tasty.

Fish Fillet in Crabmeat Sauce Php345

Here’s a crowd favorite. Their pata tim. Fork-tender pork leg braised slowly for four hours, immersed in a silky, brown sauce flanked with iceberg lettuce and shitake mushroom.

Pata Tim Php765

Who loves lechon kawali? The Crispy Pork Belly, also good for sharing, is another dish I can always order again and again.

Crispy Pork Belly Php345

Vegetables take on a new dimension with their French Beans in X’O Sauce. That’s French beans in savory, sweet and spicy sauce with dry scallops.

French Beans in X’O Sauce Php275

To go with all that, order Coral Fried Rice.

Coral Fried Rice Php95/ Php250/ Php375

A drink that’s also a dessert — their black and white gulaman, and their almond gulaman shake are sweet and refreshing. Or maybe have their Coral Iced Tea with Coral Garden’s own secret formula.

Black and White Gulaman Php99

Coral Iced Tea Php80 (solo) / Php325 (pitcher)

Almond Gulaman Shake Php95

To cleanse the palate after a sumptuous meal, try their almond jelly with Mandarin orange.

Almond Jelly with Mandarin Orange Php330

Now for light meals, or miryenda, Coral Garden has delicious snacks.

They serve cua pao. It’s like siopao, in a way. The siopao bun is filled with sweet stewed pork belly, ground peanuts and cilantro leaves.

Cua Pao Php105

The crispy bean curd is delightful. It’s bean curd coated in Japanese panko creating a crispy crust with velvety soft, melts-in-your-mouth tofu, dipped in their house special black, sweet tangy sauce.

Crispy Bean Curd Php299

Cha Miswa is a festive noodle dish that’s a must. It has marinated pork slices, meatballs, shrimp, squid, egg, peanuts, vegetables, mushrooms and other special ingredients.

Cha Miswa Php255 (Photo Courtesy: Coral Garden)

Coral Garden’s menu and recipes are based on family culinary tradition of goodness that came from Fookien, China and have been improved throughout the decades. Coral Garden was born in August 1978.

“a unique and tasty slice of life”
Dine-in / Delivery / To-Go / Party Platters
Address: 184-B E. Rodriguez Jr. (C-5), Quezon City near BMW Shorwoom
Operating Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-3pm / 5pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-3pm / 5pm-11pm
Tel. Nos.: (02) 775-6679 / (02) 533-8565 / 09175808089
Facebook Page:
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Email: [email protected]
(Another branch: 96 Banawe St., Quezon City (02) 711-0255 / 712-1078 / Open 10am-10pm Daily)

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