Fermina’s Makes Baler Tourists Take Snack Time Seriously

Ferminas Palabok and Puto CakeFermina’s Snack Haus means business. Their place may look modest but I was blown away by their extravagant palabok and heavy puto cake – definitely the best of their kind in Baler. They serve favorite Filipino snacks. Their palabok and puto cake are the two reasons I had to take snack time seriously.

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Fermina’s Snack Haus Palabok

Palabok is a Filipino rice noodle dish cooked with shrimp sauce, and topped with pork, sliced hardboiled eggs, tinapa (smoked fish) flakes, shrimps, scallions, and crushed pork rind or what we call “chicharon.”

Their version of the traditional palabok is generously topped with crushed chicharon. I couldn’t help but enjoy three more servings. That’s enough to outweigh what a main meal.

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Fermina’s Snack Haus Puto Cake

I had puto cake as partner for this dish.

Puto is Filipino steamed rice cake. It now has many variations. Fermina’s puto cake is big, and, unlike the regular puto, it was quite moist. Fermina Laguardia, the owner, told me the secret to making it moist, but asked for it not to be made public, otherwise, others might replicate her puto masterpiece. Sorry, can’t reveal it.

Cheese and salted egg give added flavors to the puto cake. That made it creamy, slightly salty, and rich.

Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -010

But the palabok and the puto cake are not the only reasons Fermina’s is popular. It just so happened that those two are my top picks. My friends had different preferences. Einj loved lomi the most, but her close contender for the next spot is Fermina’s chami. Chris and Markley chose lomi as their number one too.

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Taking Snack Time Seriously At Fermina’s Snack Haus

Lomi is a noodle soup dish often prepared with thick egg noodles, thick soup mixed with raw egg, meat, scallions, vegetables, and sometimes topped with crushed chicharon. Fermina’s lomi was very filling. I ate the pork on top quickly while the pork skin was still crunchy. Best paired with puto cake too.

Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -012

Fermina’s Snack Haus Lomi

Chami is stir-fried noodles, with meat, and vegetables, sometimes served with sliced hardboiled eggs. But there’s nothing simple about Fermina’s chami. In fact, it packed a lot of flavors. I also loved the pork topping that had crunchy skin on this dish.

Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -028

Fermina’s Snack Haus Chami

For the sweet ending, we had brazo de mercedes. It’s sweeter than the usual, which made me like it more. It’s a dessert that has a fluffy meringue outer layer and rich custard filling inside.

Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -030

Fermina’s Snack Haus Brazo De Mercedes

When in Baler, take snack time seriously, and enjoy Fermina’s palabok, puto cake, chami, and lomi with friends.

Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -006

Fermina’s Snack Haus Menu

Lomi – PhP 50 per bowl
Puto Cake – Php 25 per piece
Chami – single order Php 70 / good for 6 – Php 500
Palabok – single order Php 50 / good for 6 – Php 400
Brazo de Mercedes – Php 35 per slice

Fermina Laguardia owner of Ferminas Snack Haus in Baler Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -005 Ferminas Snack Haus Baler -004

Address: Zamora St. corner Carrasco St. Poblacion Brgy 3, Baler, Aurora
Mobile: 0948-2662831
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fermina.laguardia
Fan-ventilated, no air-conditioning
Operating Hours: 7am-9pm Daily

More photos, click Fermina’s Snack Haus pictures.

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