Fort Knox Bags

Stylish. Elegant. Functional. Sharp. Affordable. My Fort Knox bag completes my smart casual and formal ensembles.

This is something men should have. It’s a good gift idea for the women to surprise their fathers, brothers and husbands with.

The bag is the extension of one’s outfit. It’s perfect for black tie events and and a key component for power-dressing during presentations.

I used to go to formal occasions as a guest or emcee, and I often felt the bags I brought were out of place. But not anymore. Finally.

I bought from Fort Knox online, specifically, their Trenton Black. It’s a good decision. It’s spacious with a lot of compartments and I value that a lot, its smart storage. It’s made of bonded leather, fits a laptop, has a front pocket, zippered back pocket, zippered main compartment, hidden inside pockets and magnetic snaps. It’s comfortable too. As to durability, well, we’ll see in a couple of years. I’ve been using it for barely a month. So far, I’m very satisfied.

The black is more classic to go with the coat and tie ensemble but can be used in casual business outfits too. The brown version is more relaxed and compliments blue jeans. Of course both can be used in casual wear as well as formal attires. I still haven’t bought the Trenton Brown, but that’s next on my list.

The makers of this bag are actually still in college, as of this writing. They’re students from the University of the Philippines. I spoke to one of them, Therese Palillo.

How did they start? Her group in the entrepreneurship class of Prof. Ryan Jonas had to come up with a business idea to be executed late last year. After a lot of brainstorming they finally decided to focus on their strengths, in this case, connections related to bag-making.

One groupmate’s parents helped her obtain a database of raw materials needed to make bags, like leatherette, animal hyde and metal clips. Another groupmate’s family friend connected them to laborers outsourced for producing leather goods.

Fort Knox Owners (L-R):
Therese Palillo, Janel Mastrili, Dianne Garcia and Bea Pelayo

Why men’s bags? Men’s bags are still trending and they saw an opportunity. There aren’t a lot of low-cost brands catering to the male college students and young professionals.

They thought of calling the brand “Fort Knox” which referred to the high-security gold depository in America. The gold is supposed to symbolize the big and small milestones the bag-owner accumulates in school and in their chosen fields.

And thus their tagline: FOR THE PLACES YOU’LL GO

Facebook Page:
Tel. No.: 0999-999-0560
Email: [email protected]
To order, go to the website:
Instagram: @FortKnoxBags
Trenton Black: Php2,899 (plus Php150 delivery fee within Metro Manila)

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