Hungry Surfer

Hungry Surfer Baler -032Hungry Surfer is one of Baler’s Top 10 Restaurants serving great food and awesome beach view. It’s the restaurant of Bay’s Inn.

Hungry Surfer Baler -029For your appetizer, try their Squid Head. It’s crunchy and goes well with vinegar.

Hungry Surfer Baler -012

Squid Head – Php 140

Their Bulalo is good soup. It’s tasty and the beef flavor just bursts in your mouth. The beef is also very tender.

Hungry Surfer Baler -001

Bulalo – Php 230

If you like vegetables, taste their Ginataang Pako. That’s fiddlehead fern and shrimps cooked in coconut milk and chili.

Hungry Surfer Baler -006

Ginataang Pako – Php 180

Their version of Crispy Pata (crispy pork leg and knuckles) has a bit of kick to it. They added chili garlic oil and sliced finger chili to the traditional Filipino favorite. This is one of their bestsellers.

Hungry Surfer Baler -007

Crispy Pata – Php 420

Another favorite here is their famous Garlic Chicken. It’s very crunchy.

Hungry Surfer Baler -002

Garlic Chicken – Php 220

For drinks, I recommend their Mixed Fruit Shake. I think it’s the best shake they serve.

Hungry Surfer Baler -015

Mixed Fruit Shake – Php 90

During peak time, expect a lot of guests. My suggestion? Make reservations, order in advance, and tell the staff what time you want the food to be served. There can be times you might have to wait for 30 minutes to an hour for the food when the place is packed.

Hungry Surfer Baler -033 Hungry Surfer Baler -024 Hungry Surfer Baler -019 Hungry Surfer Baler -020

Partial list from menu:
Crispy Pata – Php 420
Ginataang Pako – Php 180
Bulalo – Php 230
Garlic Chicken – Php 220
Squid Head – Php 140
Mixed Fruit Shake – Php 90

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by Bay’s Inn
Address: 80 Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Mobile Nos.: 0999-9926341, 0908-9823509
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: 24 Hours
Fan-ventilated, no air-conditioning

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