Pixels Hobby Cafe

Will Pixels Hobby Cafe set the gastronomic trend in Valenzuela? They certainly set the bar high! It’s a fun-tastic place to enjoy creative and affordable meals, play games with friends, and take unli-selfies with their Instagram-worthy interiors.

For starters, I recommend the tacos. Chip and Dale Tacos with beef, tomato, salsa, cheese sauce, cilantro and chives. Two for the price of one. Delish!

Chip and Dale Tacos Php95

Pasta anyone? I went crazy for the sisig pasta called, Sisig Tangled Carbonara. It’s made of pork jowls, liver, parmesan, fresh cream and parsley.The sisig taste embracing this creamy dish is something to come back for.

Sisig Tangled Carbonara Php125

The shrimp pesto is also yummy, the Shrek Pesto!!! It has the chef’s signature pesto sauce, olive oil, parmesan and shrimps.

Shrek Pesto Php145

For rice meals, try their Bugs Bunny’s Pork Belly. It’s pork belly, drizzled with sweet liver sauce on steamed rice.

Bugs Bunny’s Pork Belly Php105

And it’s not just the food. Everyone here’s just so warm and friendly. Plus you get to play the different board games available.

Pixels Hobby Cafe is also a feast for the eyes. The walls have inspiring quotes like “be your own superhero.” The place also reminded me that “everything is awesome.”

Here’s the menu:

Address: 120 M.H. del Pilar, Malanday, Valenzuela City
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10pm, Monday 3pm to 10pm
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PixelsHobbyCafe/
Instagram: @pixelshobbycafe
Hashtags: #ilovepixelscafe #pixelshobbycafe
Email: [email protected]

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