The Halo-Halo You Can Drink: XO46’s Halo Halo Slush

What!? Halo-halo you can actually drink? Yes, it’s true. XO46 Heritage Bistro serves Halo Halo Slush where the slush replaces the traditional crushed ice used for halo-halo. The dictionary defines slush as partially melted snow, and the slush here somehow tastes like caramel.

Halo Halo Slush Php135

Halo Halo Slush Php135

You can enjoy this using the straw, the only halo-halo I’ve seen served with straw. And aside from the straw, you still have the spoon because the sweets found in the usual halo-halo are still here. Ready for scooping.

Now that you have an idea of what you should order here for dessert, here’s the rest of my suggestions for you to enjoy a hearty Pinoy meal.

Chupitos is a must. That’s baby squid cooked in garlic and olive oil that has a very satisfying smoky flavor.

Chupitos Php380

Chupitos Php380

For veggies, try their Ginataang Sigarilyas. That’s winged beans cooked in coconut milk with crunchy small shrimps on top.

Ginataang Sigarilyas Php365 (Good for 3 to 4)

Ginataang Sigarilyas Php365
(Good for 3 to 4)

And you can never go wrong with crispy pata. Their Crispy Pata XO Style is garlicky, has crunchy pork skin, and tenderrific meat.

Crispy Pata XO Style Php695 (Good for 3 to 4)

Crispy Pata XO Style Php695
(Good for 3 to 4)

For seafood, you may order Pateros Express. That’s sautéed seafood in salted duck egg sauce.

XO46 SM Aura 2016 -013

Pateros Express Php275 (Good for 3 to 4)

Their Vegetarian Mountain Fried Rice is delicious. That’s black rice with garlic, carrots, bell pepper, and onions.

Vegetarian Mountain Fried Rice Php260 (Good for 4)

Vegetarian Mountain Fried Rice Php260
(Good for 4)

The overall experience won’t be complete without their servers wearing traditional Filipino costumes and speaking in straight Filipino. They are trained very well!!! They’re both amusing and courteous.

XO46 SM Aura 2016 -008

Here’s their menu…

XO46 Merienda Menu

XO46 Merienda Menu

XO46 Main Menu

XO46 Main Menu

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XO46 Heritage Bistro (SM Aura Branch)
Address: Third Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Tel. No.: (02) 553-6566
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

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