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Caliburger Century City Mall top three burgersBefore you order at Caliburger, read this first to help you choose which burger will satisfy you most. Here’s the list of the top three burgers at Caliburger.

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Top 3 : Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Chipotle is usually a smoked and dried pepper. This sandwich makes use of chipotle powder, but don’t worry it’s not too spicy. It’s just right to add to the flavor.

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich Php215

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich Php215

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich isn’t your regular burger made from ground meat. It’s actually marinated chicken breast, with bacon, pickles, and onions. It tastes healthy because of the white meat, and still has that savory goodness from the bacon. Don’t we all love bacon!

Top 2: Cali Double

For those who love all-American burgers with rich beef patty taste, this is for you. Cali Double has two beef patties with cheese and veggies. I enjoyed the taste of the beef burger patty in every bite.

Cali Double Php275

Cali Double Php275

There are other burgers where other flavors compete with the beef taste, but not this one, and that’s what makes this a classic.

Top 1: Smokehouse Burger

This is my number 1 pick from the burgers at Caliburger.

It has its own character. It’s a bit spicy because of the cumin, and has a crunch with every bite from the crunchy onion rings in it. The taste was kind of Persian, maybe because of the cumin.

Smokehouse Burger Php255

Smokehouse Burger Php255

My friend Tony said this burger’s taste brought back happy childhood memories from growing up in Bahrain. He was very happy eating this burger. Imagine, food bringing back wonderful feelings from days past. That’s what great food can do.

Caliburger Century City Mall -025

You may want to have fries to go with your burger, or, order their Cali Combos where you get fries and soda with your burger.

On the side, you might want to try their Cali Sweet Wings. They’re crunchy and sweet. They’re already good as is, but for those looking for some kick, just pop the hot sauce and smother it on the wings.

Cali Sweet Wings 4 pieces - Php95 8 pieces - Php185

Cali Sweet Wings
4 pieces – Php95
8 pieces – Php185

To wash it all down, I recommend their milkshakes. The flavors include butterscotch, tutti frutti, coffee, blueberry, rootbeer, mixed berries, bubble gum, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. I had bubble gum. At first, I thought the strong bubble gum flavor might overwhelm me. But the flavor was actually very subtle, and it’s not too sweet, that’s why I could easily go for a second round.

Milkshake Php175

Milkshake Php175

And lastly, dessert. They have ice cream sandwiches available. Two crunchy chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle, choose from chocolate and vanilla. Be sure to ask that this be served after your meal so the ice cream won’t melt.

Ice Cream Sandwich Php75

Ice Cream Sandwich Php75

Enjoy breakfast anytime at Caliburger with their waffle craze, plus, uncover their secrets by ordering items not on their menu! Click here.

Address: 118 Timog Avenue, Across GMA Network Center, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Tel. No.: (02) 507-9415
Instagram and Twitter: @CaliBurgerPH
Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 7am-10pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun / am-11pm Fri, Sat
Email: [email protected][email protected], [email protected]

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