Wee Nam Kee

If you’re still trying to decide where to eat when you’re in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, let me help you with that. Wee Nam Kee is definitely a must. The taste of Singapore at its finest.


Wee Nam Kee serves the best laksa I have ever had. It has that right level of heat that won’t give me tears or sweat. But if you want a stronger kick, there’s more chili available. It has rich coconut broth with the yummiest squid balls and fish cakes. It also has bean sprouts and squid. This is good for two to three persons.

Classic Laksa Php320

Classic Laksa Php320

The condiments will help you add more heat to your laksa and their other dishes. Choose from their pounded ginger, chili sauce, and dark soya sauce.



If you love prawns, you must try their salted egg yolk prawns. It’s rich because of the salted egg yolk mix embracing the prawns.

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (4 pieces) Php450

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (4 pieces) Php450

You might also want to try their bbq satay platter with peanut sauce on the side.

BBQ Satay Platter (Pork and Chicken/ 8 sticks) Php330

BBQ Satay Platter (Pork and Chicken/ 8 sticks) Php330

I highly recommend you order their pineapple fried rice. It’s amazing! It has pork floss on top, shrimps, and a lot of the good stuff going on. Pineapple tidbits add slight sweetness and make this refreshing to the palate.

Pineapple Fried Rice Php270

Pineapple Fried Rice Php270

Their Milo dinosaur made me feel like a kid again. It’s the chocolate drink I enjoyed growing up. And it’s served with the chocolate powder sprinkled on top of the drink.

Milo Dinosaur Php135

Milo Dinosaur Php135

If you want your beverage fruity, you can order their strawberry passionfruit cooler. It’s a drink with fizz and its strong passionfruit taste helps neutralize strong flavors from the dishes.

Strawberry Passionfruit Cooler Php125

Strawberry Passionfruit Cooler Php125

Here are other food items from the menu:

Signature Dishes
Steamed Hainanese Chicken
Roasted Hainanese Chicken
Personal Set 195
Quarter Set (2 pax) 288
Half Set (3-4 pax) 515
Whole Set (6-8 pax) 888
Steamed Hainanese Yellow Chicken
Small (2 pax) 455
Medium (3-4 pax) 898
Large (6-8 pax) 1688

Sizzling Singapore Style Hot Plate Tofu 295
Minced Crabmeat Tofu with Brocolli Meat 295
Mixed Seafood and Tofu in Traditional Claypot 320
Salt and Pepper Tofu 150


Crispy Mantou Bread with Condensed Milk 78
Prawn Paste Chicken Wings 230
Prawn Rolls in Beancurd Skin 230

Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup 98 / 250
Spinach Soup with Seafood 98 / 265
Sweet Corn Soup with Minced Chicken 95 / 260
Clear Clam Soup (for sharing) 260

Noodles in Soup
Barbecued Pork Noodle Soup 245
Hainanese Chicken with Curry Noodles 368
Steamed/Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup 245
Pork Chop Noodle Soup 245
Singaporean Fish Noodle Soup (for sharing) 328

Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Floss 270
Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice 50
Wee Nam Kee Fried Rice 250
Salted Fish Fried Rice 250
Sambal Fried Rice 250
Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice 270

Spinach 230
Kang Kong 230
Brocolli 250
Kai Lan 235
Taiwan Pechay 230
Sambal Kang Kong 230
Eggplant with Minced Pork in Hotpot 260
Spinach with White and Century Egg in Superior Stock 260
Classic Mixed Vegetables 230


Wok-Fried Chicken with Cashews and Sun-Dried Chili 290
Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken 320

Sweet & Sour Pork 275
Barbecued Pork 265
Roasted Pork 250
Honey Garlic Spareribs 318
Cashew Coffee Spareribs 315
Wee Nam Kee Pork Chop 250
Sweet Marmite Park Ribs 295
Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Salt and Pepper 308
Tofu Roasted Pork with Black Beans 295
Salted Egg Pork Ribs 330
Stewed Pork Belly with Steamed Buns 365

Tamarind Lemongrass Fish Fillet Stew 335
Hainanese Curry Fish Fillet 335
Butterflied Tilapia with Singapore “Chili Crab” Sauce 425
Butterflied Tilapia with Citrus Tamarind Sauce 425
Prawns with Lychee and Peaches (4 pcs.) 450
Cereal Prawns (4 pcs.) 450
Steamed Prawns in Vermicelli Noodles (4 pcs.) 450
Steamed Pacific Dory with Minced Garlic 295
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet 295
Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Ginger & Spring Onion 295
Claypot Fish Fillet with Beancurd and Black Beans 295
Honey Crispy Squid 350
Sambal Squid 285
Salt and Pepper Squid 290
Stir Fried Clams in Spicy Thai Sauce 290
Hot Plate Seafood Combination 330

Sauteed Beef Fillet with Brocolli in Oyster Sauce 320
Sauteed Beef Fillet in Sate Sauce 395
Cantonese Beef Tenderloin Ribs with Peas and Carrots 395

Rice Toppings
Roasted Pork Rice 225
Barbecued Pork Rice 225
Wee Nam Kee Pork Chop Rice 225
Sweet and Sour Pork Rice 245
Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken Rice 265
honey Garlic Spareribs Rice 240
Stewed Pork Belly Rice 265
Sauteed Beef Filet with Brocolli Rice 265
Tofu Roasted Pork with Black Bean Rice 260

Spicy Sambal Rice Noodles 330
Fookien Noodles 285
Hong Kong Birthday Noodles 335
Hong Kong Fried Noodles 330
Shredded Chicken Crispy Noodles 315
Seafood Crispy Noodles 335

Cheesecake Buchi (5 pcs.) 139
Light Coco-Mango Mousse 119

Fresh Barley Juice (Hot or Iced) 68
Bottomless 95
Lime Juice 55
Mango Mint Smoothie 125
Cucumber Lime Refresher 135
Milo Dinosaur 135
Strawberry Passionfruit Cooler 125


Address: Unit 4019, 4th Floor, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City
Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm
Tel. Nos.: (02) 576-6318 / 0917-8285017
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WeeNamKeePH
Website: http://relish-group.com/weenamkee/
Instagram: @weenamkeeph
Hashtag: #weenamkeeph

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