What Are 4 Things Charlie Does in Baler?

Charlie Does Baler Aurora -022Who’s Charlie? You’ll find out towards the end of this article. What does he do? Four things. Surfing, local art, souvenirs, and drinks.Charlie Does Baler Aurora -007


Among the things Charlie Does, surfing is number one.
Behind Costa Pacifica, which is well known for being the best Baler resort, you’ll find Charlie Does’ surf shop. It’s along Sabang Beach’s baywalk.

They have awesome instructors and boards for rent.Charlie Does Baler Collage 1

Olive Pabillo, the sales manager of Charlie Does, said she discourages beginners and kids to go surfing during high tide. She recommends tourists to surf with their instructors during low tide for the best possible experience.Charlie Does Baler Aurora -001

I tried to surf during high tide. It was frustrating and tiring. The waves were too strong and moved inconsistently. During low tide, surfing for beginners is a breeze.

Charlie Does Surf Shop:
Operating Hours: Weekdays 6am-6pm / Weekends 7am-6pm
Surfboard Rental:
—– Php200/hr
—– Php400/4hrs
—– Php800/8hrs
Php1,000 4hrs with instructor and board
Php350 1hr with instructor and board


Charlie Does sells paintings, and a lot of them are actually masterpieces of their surf instructors according to Carlos Domingo, general manager of Charlie Does. There are works also from other local Baler artists, as well as guest artists. The paintings are displayed at the lobby of Costa Pacifica priced at Php5,000 to Php25,000.


Charlie Does Baler Collage 2

Souvenir Shop at Costa Pacifica Lobby

Charlie Does Baler Collage 3

Souvenirs, clothes, footwear, and more at Charlie Does shop.

Charlie Does has two locations where you can buy souvenirs, beach clothes, accessories, footwear, and more. The bestselling souvenirs are refrigerator magnets and woodcarvings. You can buy from their store at the lobby of Costa Pacifica or at the Charlie Does building across the resort, along Buton Street.


GroundSwell Cafe at Charlie Does’ building offers regular drinks as well as interesting blends like peanut butter coffee and salted caramel coffee.Charlie Does Baler Aurora -027

Charlie Does Baler Aurora -036

Charlie Does Baler Aurora -034

GroundSwell Cafe

Hot and Cold Coffee
— Espresso Php90
— Americano Php95
— Machiatto Php120
— Latte (medium) Php135 / (large) PHp150
— Capuccino (medium) Php135 / (large) Php150
— Mocha (medium) Php150 / (large) Php165
— Peanut Butter (medium) Php150 / (large) Php165
— Salted Caramel (medium) Php150 / (large) Php165
— Pour Over Php120

Tea Php50
— Calamansi Iced Tea
— Jasmine Tea
— Earl Grey tea
— Camomile Spearmint Tea
— English Breakfast Tea
— Pure Peppermint Tea

Okay. Now we have the details about what Charlie Does. So, who’s Charlie?

Carlos said Charlie Does is really “Charlie Does Surf.” It’s based on Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, a war classic where parts of the film were shot in Baler, Philippines. Carlos further explained that a scene in the movie showed an American soldier saying, “Charlie don’t surf” referring to locals in the movie.

Charlie Does Surf Shop:
—- Address: Baywalk, Sabang Beach, Baler (behind Costa Pacifica)
—- Operating Hours: Weekdays 6am-6pm / Weekends 7am-6pm
Charlie Does Souvenir Shop:
—- Address: Costa Pacifica Lobby, Buton St., Brgy. Sabang, Baler
—- Operating Hours: 8am-5pm
Charlie Does Sports and Recreation
(with GroundSwell Cafe and Charlie Does Store)
—- Address: Buton St. (across Costa Pacifica), Brgy. Sabang, Baler
—- Operating Hours: 7am-12mn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Charlie.Does
Email: [email protected]
Instagram : @charliedoesstuff

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