XO46 Heritage Bistro (Pasay)

When dining becomes appetizing not just to the palate, but also to the rest of the senses, the overall experience becomes even more memorable. At XO46 Heritage Bistro, all that reaches a level of excellence and uniqueness I will always come back for.

This restaurant is multi-awarded. Every year they always make it to the top restaurants of the Philippines. You’ll know they truly deserve the recognition once you dine here.

“Senyorito!” One of the waiters welcomed me by calling me that. It roughly translates to “sir” in English. All the servers here are trained to speak in straight Filipino and are dressed in traditional Filipino costumes. It’s refreshing to actually listen to people speak straight Filipino because almost everyone I talk to can only speak a mix of Filipino and English or what we call Taglish. Most can no longer speak straight Filipino or straight English.

After taking the orders, guests are served with complimentary puto (rice cake) with special spreads and chichacorn or crunchy corn.

Hacienda Style Molo Soup Php395. They serve the best molo soup I’ve tried and I’ve been to Iloilo where this soup originated. It’s soup with ground meat wrapped in wonton.

Chupitos Fritos Php395. This is great appetizer. It’s deep fried baby squid.

Kinilaw na Tanigue sa Dayap Php320. This is raw fish cut into cubes and mixed with lime, ginger, onions, chili, spices and seasoning. It’s delicious and the lime makes it refreshing. Traditionally, calamansi or vinegar is used for acidity.

Pancit Lucban Php345. This is yummy stir-fried noodles with vegetables and crispy pork. Special vinegar can be used by the guest to be mixed with this noodle dish.

Tokwa’t Baboy XO Style Php395. This is fried tofu with crispy pork belly in soy-vinegar sauce.

Kare-Kareng Dagat Php685. This, I highly recommend. It’s seafood kare-kare. That’s fish, squid, mussels and more with vegetables in creamy peanut sauce.

Kare-Kareng Crispy Tadyang Php585. This delicious treat is made of crispy beef ribs, vegetables and creamy peanut sauce.

Crispy Pata XO Style Php740. This is the star of the night. Crispy pork knuckles for the win!

Bico Ube (served with Mantecado Ice Cream) Php175. For dessert, try this. It’s sticky rice and yam, covered salted caramel on top and served with butter ice cream.

Champorado Eh (Php175) is the sticky rice chocolate porridge turned into a cake-like dessert and served with Mantecado Ice Cream. Malaubeng Panaginip (Php185) is purple yam with flan on top also served with Mantecado Ice Cream and latik (solid coconut curd).

Cassava Cake At Pinaalat Na Caramel (Php175) is my favorite dessert here. It’s cassava cake with salted caramel sauce on top served with Mantecado Ice Cream.

XO46, stands for extraordinary 1946. Their dishes are extraordinary. 1946 is the date when Americans left the Philippines and turned over the seat of power to us. This date marks the beginning of our quest to discover and mold our own national identity after being under Spanish, Japanese, and American foreign rule for hundreds of years. Part of that national identity can be tasted in today’s Filipino dishes we enjoy.

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Address: S’Maison Conrad Hotel Branch – Pasay City
2nd Level, S’Maison Mall Conrad Hotel, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay City
Tel. No.: (02) 805-3850
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/XO46.BstroPH/
Website: http://www.adventmanilagroup.com/xo.html
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @XO46_BstroPH
Instagram: @xo46_heritage_bistro

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