Yellow Fin Bar and Grill

Yellow Fin Bar and Grill BalerThis is probably the most popular late evening hangout place as recommended by locals to tourists in Baler. Yellow Fin Bar and Grill is a two-story restaurant serving grilled dishes. It’s usually packed at night so better make reservations. I recommend you choose tables on the second floor beside the windows.

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There isn’t much nightlife in Baler. And I think that’s a good thing to experience the provincial life and have peace and quiet at night. Tourists go to Yellow Fin Bar and Grill for late evening drinks and grilled food. There’s music. There’s also a TV monitor but I wasn’t paying much attention to what was showing.

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Foreign tourists always order grilled seafood here.

The number one on their list is the grilled yellow fin. I enjoyed this even more when dipped in the soy sauce, calamansi, tomatoes, onions, and chili mixed together.

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Grilled Yellow Fin (Bangkulis) – Php 250

Another grilled favorite is the grilled squid that’s good for sharing.

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Grilled Squid (Pusit) – Php 150

Their grilled pork goes well with rice.

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Grilled Pork (Liempo) – Php 150

They also have grilled Hungarian sausages. I haven’t been to any Baler restaurant serving this, except at Yellow Fin.

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Hungarian Sausages – Php 250

Restaurants in Baler have versions of Pako Salad, and Yellow Fin has their own signature for this. Pako is fiddlehead fern. They serve their Pako Salad with salted eggs, tomatoes, and onions. For the dressing, it comes with bagoong isda, calamansi, and chili seperately and you can mix them together depending on your preference. If you want it sour, add more calamansi. Bagoong isda is a Filipino condiment made of fermented fish. I suggest you add a bit of sugar.

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Pako Salad – Php 100

Yellow Fin Bar and Grill is near Sabang Beach area, and almost all the locals can point you to its location.

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Here’s a partial pricelist from the menu:
Pako Salad – Php 100
Liempo – Php 150
Yellow Fin (Bangkulis) – Php 250
Pusit – Php 150
Hungarian Sausages – Php 250
Soup – Php 130 (good for 4)

Yellow Fin Bar and Grill -001

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Address: Buton St., Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Contact Person: Shelly Pioquid
Mobile Nos.: 0999-843-6176 / 0939-924-5836
Fan-ventilated, no air-conditioning
Operating Hours: 7am-11pm Daily

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