Baler 400 Years Monument

Baler 400 Years Monument and Baler Sign -001We love taking photos. This spot in Baler has to be a must in the itinerary. Have your picture taken beside it, on top of it, solo, and with a group.

Along Quezon Street, across Quezon Park, and near the town hall, you’ll see this — five big red letters spelling out BALER.

Baler Municipal Hall, then and now. The old 1939 photo's courtesy of Baler Tourism.

Baler Municipal Hall, then and now. The old 1939 photo’s courtesy of Baler Tourism.

When my friends and I saw this, we knew what had to happen. We climbed it and had a group photo.

Baler 400 Years Monument and Baler Sign -026

It didn’t end there. We had solo shots on each letter taken separately, and then merged to produce a cloning effect.

Baler 400 Years Monument and Baler Sign -053

But you know what? I’m glad we had our photos taken there because that made me curious about the monument behind us. At first I thought it was just part of the town hall’s design. When I looked closer, the structure actually has a name – Baler 400 Years.

Baler 400 Years Monument and Baler Sign -028

Based on Baler’s government website, the Baler 400 Years Monument has four pillars representing the town’s 400 years of history. The 40-foot monument has 100 stainless steel bars interconnecting the pillars.

Baler 400 Years Monument Collage

Luis Yee, Jr., also known as Junyee, created the monument. In a GMA News Online article entitled “Junyee, the revolutionary artist“, more background information about Junyee is available. It mentioned his winning sculpture “Open Doors”, built to honor Baler-born Pres. Manuel Quezon and the Filipinos for the “open-door policy” to Jews in 1939 that saved 1,200 lives. This seven-meter high sculpture was built in Holocaust Memorial Park in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

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