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Machiavelli Lodge Baler Aurora Collage cMachiavelli Lodge is conveniently located in Baler’s town proper area. That means the historical destinations are just a stone’s throw away.

The oldest parish church in Baler, the site of the siege, Quezon Park, birthplace of the late Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon, Dona Aurora House, and Museo De Baler are only a few minutes walk from Machiavelli Lodge.

Still about its location, it’s also near the town hall, Baler monument, and when you get hungry, you can walk to the “Rolling Stores” known for the amazingly affordable meals 24/7.

More than its location, a tourist may also want to consider staying here because it’s one of Baler’s top 5 accommodations.

The first time I went to Baler, Machiavelli Lodge already caught my attention because of its bright red color. On my fourth visit to this town, I was finally able to spend the night here.

Machiavelli Lodge Baler Aurora -019 Machiavelli Lodge Baler Aurora -018

My friends and I stayed at the top floor, the third floor. That’s where you’ll find the dorm type room that can accommodate seven (7) persons. It has three bunk beds (double-deckers), one single bed, and a bathroom. If there are more in your group, you can just pay extra for more friends to share beds, or maybe request for additional beds. Another option is to get an extra room. They have 17 rooms.

Machiavelli Lodge Dorm Type Room

Machiavelli Lodge Dorm Type Room

On the ground floor, you can eat at their cafeteria. They have breakfast meals available served with rice, egg, and coffee. The viands to choose from include:
1. Beef Tapa
2. Longganisa
3. Tocino
4. Hotdog
5. Tuyo
6. Tinapa

Breakfast Meals

Breakfast Meals

You may also want to try their fish head soup with tofu. They’re the only one serving this soup in Baler, based on my several visits. It’s thick, tasty, filling.

Fish Head Soup

Fish Head Soup

Their Machiavelli Pancit is an original. It has a distinct taste but I couldn’t quite put it. Somehow, I imagined there was a hint of curry. But when I asked Patrick Angara, Machiavelli’s proprietor, he declined to reveal their noodle dish’s secret. Hahaha!

Machiavelli Pancit

Machiavelli Pancit

Patrick said they’re constructing a restaurant to take the place of their cafeteria. Aside from that, they also intend to make other changes.

Machiaelli Lodge's Cafeteria

Machiaelli Lodge’s Cafeteria

He’s thinking of changing the room numbers with events, dates, names of persons, or anything that can educate a guest about what this town is all about. He also might add more historical information about Baler inside the rooms that guests can read during idle time.

And speaking of history, I asked Patrick about Machiavelli Lodge’s history. What’s with the name Machiavelli?

(L-R) Carlo Lorenzo and Patrick Angara

(L-R) Carlo Lorenzo and Patrick Angara

When his mom Karen was thinking of using a unique name for the lodging, Patrick was still in college taking up political science. One of his required readings was “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli. He suggested the name. Machiavelli Lodge was born in 2012.

Since “The Prince” was about politics, and its author a political theorist, they decided to use that theme for some of the rooms in Machiavelli Lodge. Four rooms here are named after former Philippine presidents: Manuel Quezon, Ramon Magsaysay, Ferdinand Marcos, and Corazon Aquino.

Machiavelli Lodge's Pres. Quezon Room

Machiavelli Lodge’s Pres. Quezon Room

Machiavelli Lodge's Pres. C. Aquino Room

Machiavelli Lodge’s Pres. C. Aquino Room

*rates may change without prior notice
*inquire at the front desk for the schedule of their peak season
Room 301 (Dorm Type) :
– good for 7 persons
– 3 bunk beds and 1 single bed
– Monday-Thursday Php4,200
– Friday-Sunday Php5,000
– Peak Season Php5,500
– no complimentary breakfast
Aquino Room / Quezon Room :
– 1 queen-sized bed and 1 single bed
– Monday-Thursday Php2,200
– Friday-Sunday Php2,400
– Peak Season Php2,800
– with complimentary breakfast for 3
Additional guest (sneak in rates) :
– Php100 (bed sharing)
– Php400 with extra mattress and complimentary breakfast
Food :
– Machiavelli Pancit Php220 (good for 2-3 persons)
– Pork Sisig Php220 (good for 2-3 persons)
– Fish Head Soup Php220 (good for 2-3 persons)
– Breakfast Meals (with rice, egg, and instant coffee) Php100:
1. Beef Tapa
2. Longganisa
3. Tocino
4. Hotdog
5. Tuyo
6. Tinapa

Address: T. Molina St., Poblacion, Baler, Aurora
Contact Nos.: 0947-8919217 / 0926-7905360
Email: [email protected]

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