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Baler Surf -016It was by far, the easiest surfing experience I’ve had. It was October, 2014. I’ve been to Baler several times. Surfing’s always in the itinerary. It was my first time to try Baler Surf and their place is located along the baywalk of Sabang beach behind Bay’s Inn. I’m recommending this to all beginners.Baler Surf -131

If you’re not sporty, so am I. That’s why I’m grateful to patient instructors and beginner-friendly equipment.

Baler Surf -113

At Baler Surf, you begin with instructors teaching you basics of surfing. I’ve had that many times, but I always want to listen to be refreshed.

Baler Surf -190bBaler Surf -020

Then you’re off! Just a few meters from dry land, we were at a shallow area of the beach, but the waves were already good for surfing.Baler Surf -098 Baler Surf -051 Baler Surf -072Baler Surf -079

My chest was flat on the board. My two hands holding on to the board at the chest area. My right leg bent and ready.

The instructor then gave a push and a go signal. I stood on the board with ease on the first try. I was surprised! It has never been this easy. The board was so steady.Baler Surf -127

I just had to jump off because there was a girl in front that didn’t see me coming. I didn’t want to hit her and I didn’t know how to turn right or left while on the board. But all’s good. Baler Surf -107

During weekends, expect a lot of people surfing at the beach.

Baler Surf -087 Baler Surf -088Since this was the first experience I’ve had where surfing was easiest, I asked the instructor why. He said the surfboard I used was the biggest they have, 8 feet high. It was also meant for beginners, it’s a softboard made of styro that made it easy to float.

However, for someone petite, maybe a smaller softboard would be perfect for you.Baler Surf -057

Here are some of my tips based on my experience. If you’re 5’5″ like me or taller, and not sporty, choose the softboard at least 8 feet in height. Feel the surface of the board and make sure everything’s flat and smooth, no bulges. There are some boards with bulges that I’ve tried, and they affect me psychologically. I tend to automatically move my feet away from the bulges and this distracts me, making me lose balance and fall off the board.

There are a lot of tourists during weekends and holidays. So, I suggest you choose and reserve your softboards early on.

When in Baler, surf.

Baler Surf -012

Adress: Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora (behind Bay’s Inn)
Mobile Nos.: 0917-9150996, 0948-4978973, 0939-3567103
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays, 7am to 5pm
Saturdays to Sundays, 7am to 6pm
1 hour surf lessons (instructor and board included) – Php 350
1 hour board rental – Php 200
Half day board rental – Php 400
Whole day board rental – Php 800

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