Try All New 1 Pound Beef & Bacon Burger Patty

Big B Burgers -022Bacon is one of the greatest inventions of man. Now, turn bacon into a burger patty, and we have another breakthrough! Big B Burgers is just the place to go to for that bacon celebration.

Big B Burgers -003 Big B Burgers -002

Along Magiting Street in Quezon City, you’ll find this place that initially looks small from the outside. I assumed they only had a few seats inside, but lo and behold, it’s so much bigger than what I expected. It’s stylish too, considering it’s a hole in the wall. It’s fan-ventilated but I loved what they did to the interior. One of the owners, Erik Galvez, said they have a 52 seats in their restaurant with a black and white look. Looks good. But does it taste good?

Big B Burgers -010 Big B Burgers -011 Big B Burgers -012

They serve 50:50 burgers. Burger patties that are half beef and half bacon (Big B), half beef and half longganisa (Bongga), and half beef and half spam (Bam).

Big B Burgers -019

The “BIG B” that’s burger patty made of 50% bacon and 50% beef One Pound : Php299

The one pound burger can be shared by two. They have disposable gloves so you can use your hands to eat the burger. Of course I chose the Big B. I started by tasting the patty. Oh boy! The bacon taste does not disappoint. It was love at first bite.

Big B Burgers -025

You can use the free disposable plastic gloves

Big B Burgers -022

Can I handle this!?

Big B Burgers -026

Special thanks to Markley for treating me to this awesome meal

They have different condiments, the regular, and their special “AWESOMESAUCE” that tasted like a mix of mayo and basil.

Big B Burgers -013


Big B Burgers’ Facebook Page said they’re on a mission to change the way people taste and experience burgers, being the only burger joint to offer 50:50 ratio on all patties.

For drinks you can try their Pink Potion. They serve this by giving you a glass of water and a potion made of concentrated pink lemonade. Pour the potion in the water. It’s okay, but I like the Pink Potion with Feelings better. It’s almost the same thing, except a carbonated drink is served instead of water.

Big B Burgers -017

Pour the “potion” into the carbonated drink and enjoy Pink Potion: Php20 Pink Potion with Feelings: Php35

Big B Burger is a good find, especially for burger and bacon lovers.

Congratulations Erik and your co-owners, Joelle Yuvienco and Pibo Bagadion.

Big B Burgers -007

Big B Burgers Menu

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Address: 44B Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village, QC, Quezon City (a few steps away from Ministop Maginhawa Street)
Mobile: 0917-5941260
Email: [email protected]
Instagram and Twitter: @bgbbrgrs
Hashtag: #baconxbeef
Operating Hours: 11:30am-11pm Daily

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