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Moonleaf Baler -018If you’re going to Baler expecting you’d have to temporarily forget about the usual milk tea you enjoy, well, that’s no longer the case. The beverage selection in this surfing town continues to grow to accommodate the needs and preferences of the growing number of tourists.

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The well-loved Moonleaf Tea Shop now has a brand in Baler, aptly called, Moonleaf Baler.Moonleaf Baler -010

Moonleaf Baler serves freshly brewed tea, mixed into a variety of concoctions, including milk tea. Their regular shop is located at Baler’s “Rolling Store” near the museum in the town proper area.

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Moonleaf Baler (Rolling Store) Menu

The Rolling Store is the name of the place where a row of stores serves food and drinks.

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Since a lot of tourists crowd Sabang Beach during weekends to surf, Moonleaf tea drinks are also made available along the baywalk of Sabang Beach through their Moonleaf Baler stall on weekends.

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Moonleaf Baler Stall along Baywalk

Here are some of Moonleaf Baler’s bestsellers:
Wintermelon Milk Tea with pearls – Php 100
Strawberry Yakult with pearls – Php 110
Caramel Milkslush with pearls – Php 145
Wintermelon Milkslush with pearls – Php 140

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Moonleaf Baler (Baywalk) Menu

1. Rolling Store, Brgy. 1, San Luis St., Baler, Aurora
2. Baywalk, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora
Mobile: 0908-5855457
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @moonleafbaler
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm Daily (Rolling Store) / 10am-10pm Weekends (Baywalk)

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