Honeycomb Tasting in Baler

honeycomb baler -013I’m sure you’ve tried honey, but have you tried it straight from the honeycomb?

This was an adventure of sorts we did in Baler.honeycomb baler -010

Before the church service began at Baler Church, we saw this vendor selling honey and honeycomb. The honeycomb caught our attention. We asked the vendor, Gino Reyes, for a free taste. He agreed.honeycomb baler -003

I tore a piece from the honeycomb. The dictionary defines honeycomb as a structure of hexagonal cells of wax, made by bees to store honey and eggs. Hopefully, there were no eggs.honeycomb baler -008

Bees flew around the honeycomb. They were “friendly” because they didn’t sting.

I took a bite. The sweetness from the honey oozed from the honeycomb. And the honeycomb? It was rubbery and waxy. Something like a chewing gum. After it became tasteless and all its honey consumed, I spat it out.honeycomb baler -011

Gino said they’re here only from 6am-9am, December 20 to December 23, and during the holy week. We’re glad to have experienced this.honeycomb baler -005

Their products come from Quezon Province and the name of their company is “Honeybee” with mobile number 0908-7274066. Their 350ml bottle of honey is priced at Php150, and a kilo of honeycomb at Php550.

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