Bay-ler View Hotel

bayler view collage 2Just a few steps from the shore, you’ll find Bay-ler View Hotel, one of the top five accommodations in Baler.

My friends and I occupied room 207. The air-conditioned room has two double beds; those are two big beds good for sharing. There’s a plasma TV and a bathroom.Bayler View Hotel Baler Aurora -005

Four complimentary bottles of water were available for the four of us, and complimentary guest kits each. I appreciate their cotton buds in the guest kit, which also includes soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Not all accommodations in Baler provide this.

And when it’s time to take a bath, the hot shower was relaxing. When I need to do the number two, I was thankful their toilet came with a bidet spray. It just feels cleaner when toilets have bidet sprays.

Bay-ler View’s location is also a huge factor it’s highly recommended. It takes a few seconds for you to leave your room and reach the beach. If your room is on the second or third floor, you have a great view of the sea and the mountains. Enjoy spectacular sunsets and dramatic dawns, when it’s not cloudy.

Bayler View Hotel Baler Aurora -018

This is Bay-ler View’s Second Floor

Bayler View Hotel Baler Aurora -023

From the second floor, you have a stunning view of Sabang Beach

Bayler View Hotel Baler Aurora -027

You can also see the Dimadimalangat Islet from here

Another big plus for me is the delicious food they serve. You have to try their boneless crispy pata and chocnut turon!

Bayler View Restaurant Baler -062

Bay-ler View Restaurant’s Bestselling Boneless Crispy Pata

Bayler View Restaurant Baler -003

Bay-ler View Restaurant’s Favorite Dessert: Chocnut Turon

But save that for lunch and dinner because for breakfast, you get complimentary meals with these to choose from: tapsilog, porksilog, or tocilog.

While eating, you can enjoy the strong wifi signal on the ground floor.

Bay-ler View Hotel’s owner, Ms. Ella Tablang, said the name is basically the town’s name, Baler, with a “y” in the middle. Since they are located in front of the beach, “Bay” was emphasized. Ler, coincidentally, is the name of a sea god in Irish mythology, Ms. Tablang added.

There are a total of 22 rooms available. Here’s the room numbers with corresponding bed sizes available and number of guests recommended per room. Click image below to enlarge.

Bayler View Hotel Baler Aurora -001

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Room 207 Rates as of December 2014:
(with complimentary bottled water, guest kits, and breakfast for 4 persons)
Monday to Thursday: Php3,400
Friday to Sunday: Php3,800
Additional guest (sneak in rates):
– Php300 no breakfast, no extra mattress
– Php400 with breakfast, no extra mattress
– Php600 with breakfast, with extra mattress

*Rates may change without prior notice

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Address: Buton St. Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Facebook Page:
Tel. Nos.: 0919-2863105 / 0927-3638735
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @baylerview
Instagram: @baylerviewhotel
Trip Advisor:

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