Baler’s Best Restaurant: The Beach House (and its Menu)

Beach House Costa Pacifica Logo -001Food, ambiance, service, and convenience. Put them all together, mark them with high standards, and you have the best restaurant in Baler — The Beach House. It’s not surprising because it’s also the flagship restaurant of Costa Pacifica, famous for providing the best accommodations in Baler. (Beach House menu at the bottom of this article)

I’ve been to Baler many times and I’ve eaten in this town’s most popular restaurants. There are good restaurants, but the best overall luxurious dining experience comes from the Beach House.

The Beach House has great food served a la carte. They also have the best breakfast buffet in Baler. And, they offer themed dinner buffets.

Beach House Breakfast Buffet Costa Pacifica Beach House Dinner Buffet Costa Pacifica Baler Collage

The ambiance is perfect. You can dine indoors and enjoy the rustic yet modern look with high ceiling. Dine outdoors and get the best view of their L-shaped pool, Sabang Beach, and Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

Costa Pacifica Baler -058

The chefs, kitchen staff, and servers are well-trained. And with all that said, the Beach House also comes with the most expensive menu in Baler. It’s understandable. Now here’s their menu, click on images below to enlarge.

Beach House Menu -001Beach House Menu -002Beach House Menu -003Beach House Menu -004Beach House Menu -005

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Address: 80 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora Province
Landline: (02) 576-4555 / (02) 519-4249
Mobile: 0917-853-6040 / 0917-857-4424 / 0917-844-8371
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @costapacificabaler
Twitter: @costapacificaph

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