Baler’s Only Luxurious Dinner Buffet

Beach House Dinner Buffet Costa Pacifica Baler CollageBaler is a town far from Manila but it doesn’t mean luxury should be on hold. For those who want to visit Baler and still enjoy luxurious dinner buffets, the Beach House has that covered.

It was a BBQ themed dinner buffet when I first experienced the eat-all-you-can dinner at the Beach House, the restaurant of the town’s best resort, Costa Pacifica. I was amazed. I can’t help but put stress on the word luxury.

Beach House Dinner Buffet Baler -005

I was just walking at the lobby of Costa Pacifica, when I glanced upon the carving station of the buffet. There weren’t any plans of having dinner here but my feet found their way in front of the roasted beef belly.Beach House Dinner Buffet Baler -006

Before I knew it, I was lip licking, and holding on to a plate with slices of the slow-cooked, tender, and delicious meat.Beach House Dinner Buffet Baler -007

It did not disappoint. I savored every bite. It’s good with or without the gravy. It was the star of the buffet.Beach House Dinner Buffet Baler -008

There were other great selections here, but the next on the memorable gastronomic treat from their buffet was the banana cupcake. The cupcake’s already good but what made this spectacular was the frosting. It was nutty, rich, creamy, sweet, buttery, and everything else that just made me close my eyes and let the frosting linger longer in my mouth.Beach House Dinner Buffet Baler -002

This was BBQ Nights, one of the many themed dinner buffets of the Beach House. Other themes include Asian, Baler Hits, Seafood Fiesta, and Gala Tropicale. Each theme has a different rate. There are nights though when there aren’t any buffets offered. It’s best to inquire at Costa Pacifica ahead of time to know their buffet schedule.Beach House Dinner Buffet Baler -009

Here’s their available schedule as of December 25, 2014:
December 25, 2014: Christmas Buffet
December 26, 2014: BBQ Nights
December 27, 2014: Asian
December 28, 2014: Baler Hits
December 29, 2014: Seafood Fiesta
December 30, 2014: BBQ Nights
December 31, 2014: Gala Tropicale
January 1, 2015: Asian
January 2, 2015: Seafood Fiesta
January 3, 2015: BBQ Nights

Here are the rates as of December, 2014:

BBQ Nights / Asian / Baler Hits:
13 yrs. old and above: Php850
8 to 12 yrs. old: Php425
7 yrs. old and below: free of charge

Seafood Fiesta:
13 yrs. old and above: Php917
8 to 12 yrs. old: Php459
7 yrs old and below: free of charge

Gala Tropicale:
13 yrs. old and above: Php3,531
8 to 12 yrs. old: Php1,766.50
7 yrs. old and below: free of charge

Christmas Buffet:
13 yrs. old and above: Php1,100
8 to 12 yrs. old: Php550
7 yrs. old and below: free of charge

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Address: 80 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora Province
Landline: (02) 576-4555 / (02) 519-4249
Mobile: 0917-853-6040 / 0917-857-4424 / 0917-844-8371
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @costapacificabaler
Twitter: @costapacificaph

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