Flan Inside An Egg is Eggche Flan

Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -002Eggche Flan. It was hard to believe. Flan inside an egg. A definite must to experience. They look like eggs, but when you crack them open, you’ll find sweet flan inside.Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -008

When I saw the eggs, I tried to imagine how the makers emptied the egg through a tiny whole, preserve the shell, and fill it with leche flan while in its liquid state. The flan solidified inside the and the eggshell’s sealed.Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -003 Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -004

The Eggche Flan is a proud creation of the company called Sweet Eggs.

In their Facebook Page, they describe their company as:
“Sweet Eggs Eggcheflan was established on 2010 as a home based business, pioneered by Mrs. Brucelas, a housewife whose family has a passion for cooking. Armed with the curiosity and desire to learn something new every now and then, she developed a secret method of making these delectable Eggcheflans, spot on.
Using only the best ingredients in the traditional Lecheflan recipe, these eggs are a huge hit to anyone who sees and tastes them for the first time.”

Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -007 Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -006

Why don’t you try one Eggche Flan today?

Eggche Flans by Sweet Eggs -009

Address: 311 J.P. Rizal St. Paliwas, 3021 Obando, Bulacan
Mobile: 0922-2655141
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eggcheflans
Rates: wholesale 200 pieces minimum priced at Php25 per piece

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P.S. Thank you to the staff of ZOE Broadcasting and Light Network (especially the Marketing Department) for the Eggche Flans.

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