Lula’s House Of Kare-Kare

When grandmother’s cooking is just way too good, what can you do? Instead of keeping all that talent for friends and family, you share it.

Mother and daughter team, Eugenia Padilla and Rizza Padilla-Singson

Eugenia’s kare-kare is the star of their family reunions and celebrations. She is often called as “Lula” by her granddaughter Jennifer because the little girl couldn’t pronounce “Lola” which means grandmother in Filipino.

Thus is the story of Lula’s House of Kare-Kare. Eugenia Padilla’s well-loved kare-kare can now be enjoyed by you and me.Kare-kare is beef stew with oxtail, tripe, vegetables and savory peanut sauce. Lula’s House of Kare-Kare spends almost a whole day to prepare this Filipino favorite. The beef is just so tender. Should you visit this restaurant, you have to order their kare-kare.

Lula’s All-Time Favorite Kare-Kare Solo with rice Php208 Sharing for 2 without rice Php318 / All Meat Kare-Kare Php408 / Crispy Bagnet Kare-Kare Php428 / All Vegetable Kare-Kare Php198 / For a sweet Kare-Kare version, add Php40 for extra heaping of peanut butter

For me, the perfect partner of kare-kare is crispy pork knuckles more popularly called as crispy pata. They slow cook this up to 12 hours to make sure the meat is tender. But the skin, it’s just so crunchy.

Crispy Pata Php488

Another crunchy pork treat is the bagnet. Lula’s House of Kare-Kare describes this as cispy fried pork belly, a cross between chicharon and lechon kawali.

Famous Ilocos Bagnet Solo with rice Php148 / Sharing for 2-3 Php288

Also try the tender and tangy beef stewed in tomatoes, their beef mechado.

Beef lengua in white sauce is slowly cooked ox tongue in mushroom sauce and cream.

Beef lengua in red sauce is melt-in-your mouth tender ox tongue stewed in fresh red tomatoes.

Beef Mechado Php188 / Beef Lengua in White Sauce Php288 / Beef Lengua in Red Sauce Php288

You want it sizzling? They serve sizzling sisig, sizzling sinigang and sizzling bulalo.

The sizzling sisig is spicy, it’s perfect with plain rice.

Sizzling Sisig Php188 for sharing / Php118 solo with rice

The sizzling sinigang is their delicious twist to the traditional sinigang. Sinigang is tangy pork stew in tamarind broth with vegetables. Their sizzling sinigang is deliciously buttery and tangy.

Sizzling Sinigang Php348

The sizzling bulalo is also a savory dish oozing with umami goodness. Tender beef and rich bone marrow with vegetables bathed in creamy, beefy gravy.

Sizzling Bulalo Php348

For snacks, try their lasagna.

Lasagna P198

Address: 8 Pres. Roxas St. corner Major Dizon St., Industrial Valley Subdivision, Marikina City
Operating Hours: Sun, Tue, Wed, Thurs 11am-93pm / Fri, Sat 11am-10:30pm / Mon closed
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