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Sandbox Signage Alviera Porac Pampanga -008

It was a perfect day for adventure and fun, under the sun. My friends and I had a blast laughing and screaming. You too can take a day trip with friends and family, and push your limits for enjoyment with all the activities at the Sandbox.

It’s just an hour and a half away from Quezon City. Our starting point was UP Diliman. We headed for NLEX through the Mindanao Avenue tollgate to avoid traffic in Balintawak. From NLEX we made the exit to go to SCTEX. We took the Porac Access Road and immediately saw the sign to Sandbox, Alviera.

Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline Sandbox -032

Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline, it’s the first Avatar One in the Philippines

Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline Collage 2

Collage of Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline

Sandbox is literally like a gigantic sandbox. There’s a lot of sand in the park. Sandbox is located inside the Alviera township development. Alviera is a combination of the words “vie” (life) and “terra” (land) to signify that this is a place of progress that works well with the environment. The first two letters “A” and “L” stand for Ayala Land and Leonio Land.

Giant Swing Sandbox Alviera Porac a

Giant Swing. Sandbox says it’s the highest swing in the country.

Giant Swing Sandbox Alviera Porac b

Wide Shot of the Giant Swing

I recommend you go here early and try to arrive by 9am. Begin with the easier activities first so you don’t exhaust yourselves early on. Start with the Giant Swing, Mini Golf, Free Fall, Roller Coaster Zipline, and ATV/UTV Rides.

free fall collage 1

Free Fall at Sandbox’s Adventure Tower

ATV / UTV Adventure Ride at Sandbox

ATV / UTV Adventure Ride at Sandbox

After that, have lunch and rest a bit. Then, stretch and warm-up for the more physically challenging activities and avoid the body pain you might experience the following day when you don’t stretch and warm-up. Go for the Wall Climbing, and then the Rappel Wall.

Wall Climbing at Sandbox

Wall Climbing at Sandbox

End with a blast with the most tiring and challenging activity that could take an hour to finish, the Aerial Walk. Stretch again and cool down. Remember to drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Aerial Walk Sandbox Porac 1 Wide Shot -005

Wide shot of Sandbox’s Aerial Walk

aerial walk collage

Sandbox’s Aerial Walk Collage

There’s a limit to the number of guests they can allow per activity. I think this is part of the management’s safety measure to make sure that all the facilities are well maintained. For the Aerial Walk, only the first 140 persons will be allowed to go through the activity. For the Free Fall, the first 270 guests; Rappel Wall, first 140 guests; Giant Swing, first 360 guests; Wall Climbing, first 140 guests; and Roller Coaster Zipline, first 290 guests.

The entrance fee is Php75 per person.

Individual Rates for Activities:

  • Giant Swing Php100
  • Aerial Walk Php150
  • Free Fall Php100
  • Rappel Wal Php50
  • Wall Climbing Php50
  • Roller Coaster Zipline Php150
  • Mini Golf Php150
  • ATV Php2,500 per hour / Php15,000 for 8 hours in the courtyard
  • UTV Php3,000 per hour / Php20,000 for 8 hours in the open field


Package A: Php600

  • Giant Swing
  • Aerial Walk
  • Free Fall
  • Rappel Wall
  • Wall Climbing
  • Roller Coaster Zipline
  • Mini Golf
  • Entrance fee already included

Package B: Php520

  • Giant Swing
  • Aerial Walk
  • Free Fall
  • Rappel Wall
  • Wall Climbing
  • Roller Coaster Zipline
  • Entrance fee already included

Package C: Php480

  • Giant Swing
  • Aerial Walk
  • Free Fall
  • Roller Coaster Zipline
  • Entrance fee already included

Package D: Php370

  • Giant Swing
  • Free Fall
  • Roller Coaster Zipline
  • Entrance fee already included

Package E: Php340

  • Choose 2 from the activities in Package A
  • Entrance fee already included


– Use sunblock, arm warmers, and clothing that can shield you from the sun to avoid sunburns.
– Expect the place to be packed during weekends and holidays. It’s best to visit on a weekday, Tuesday to Friday.
– Come early because there’s a limit to the number of persons they can allow for each activity per day, and also, for you to be able to try out all the activities.
– If you’re going in a group of 10 or more, it’s best that you make reservations 10 days before the visit.
– Check the weather forecast. When it’s rainy, the outdoor activities are temporarily suspended for the safety of guests.
– Wear rubber shoes, or bring extra shoes if you want to wear slippers or sandals. Some activities require guests to wear shoes.
– Bring extra clothes and expect to sweat, especially if you want to do the Aerial Walk and Wall Climbing.
– If you plan to bring food, there’s corkage fee of Php100 per person. This is waived if you come in a group of 50 or more. There’s a very affordable snack bar at Sandbox and you have to try the delicious mini-sausages.
– Check the Sandbox Facebook Page regularly because they always have promos, contests, and freebies every month.

*For public transportation, here’s what Sandbox recommends:
From Cubao (QC), take a bus going north via Dau (Pampanga). Go down Dau Terminal and take a jeep going to Angeles, then take another jeep going to Porac. From Porac take a tricycle going to Sandbox. For detailed instructions to Sandbox, contact their staff through the details below. 





Address: Alviera, Porac Municipality, Pampanga
(Take the Porac Access Road from NLEX-SCTEX)
Operating Hours: Wednesdays – Sundays 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tel. Nos.: 0917-8033099 / (045) 4320014
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @alvieraph

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