Space Food Park invades our palates with out-of-this-world treats. Here’s a comprehensive article about this space-themed food park, its 10 stalls, the food and prices.

“I need space.” This sign welcomed me to this food park. May hugot agad! People found it humorous, especially those thinking about getting some space from toxic friends and relationships.


The food park is divided into three unique spaces. Earth on the first floor. Sky and Galaxy on the second floor.

There are hanging plants and a grassy green photo wall to make the first floor fit the Earth-y feel. The tables and walls are very colorful. So help yourself to a generous serving of selfies!

The second floor, the Sky area’s where you can appreciate the planet earth mural on the wall.

Still on the second floor, you’ll find the dark room, the Galaxy area. This is where the iconic E.T. scene is painted.

Here you can try the glow in the dark beer pong. This game involves players throwing glow in the dark balls into cups of beer, and their opponents are required to drink the contents of any cup in which a ball lands. This is also the area where special events are held like band performances.



Start the appetizing adventure with nachos and fries from Pommes Frites. They also serve gourmet fries with sauces and toppings I never thought was possible. From the usual cheese, and maybe bacon, to Nutella, nori and even squid ink!!! Click here to read more about Pommes Frites and their menu.

Space Platter (Nachos and Fries) Php185


Get ready for humongous, soft, tender, delicious squid! Kraken Bites makes you mad for squid. The deep fried flavorful huge squid comes in salt and pepper, and cheese flavors. You can dip it in their sauces: honey mustard, sour cream, cheese and sweetened vinegar. Click here to read more about Kraken Bites and their menu.

1 order of BOSS KRAKEN Php179 / 1 order of BABY KRAKEN Php149


Planet Burger & Grill serves burgers in colorful buns — a visual feast. The burger bursts with beefy goodness. You can order their space lava cheese and pour it generously on top of the burger!!! Yes, on top of it.

Space Burger Frappe Php199 / Mercury Blast Php130 and Space Lava Cheese Php50

Would you like frappe to go with your burger? Planet Burger & Grill, in collaboration with Hue Cafe PH, serves caramel frappe topped with a quarter pounder burger, otherwise known as Space Burger Frappe. Click here to read more about Planet Burger & Grill and their menu.


Noodles anyone? Try Pancit Batil Patung. A well-loved dish in Cagayan Valley makes its way to Space Food Park through OK.NOM. This is made of noodles with sauteed meats and vegtables. A piece of egg is cracked on top and stirred in simmering beef stock served as sauce on the side and this looks like an egg drop soup.

Pancit Batil Patung : Solo Php99 / Double Php198 / Barkada Php300 (good for 3 to 5)

And of course the ever popular in all parts of the country, the crispy sisig. It’s made from parts of the pig’s head and liver with onions and chili. Click here to read more about OK.NOM and their menu.

Crispy Sisig : Solo w/ rice Php99 / Double w/ rice Php198 / Pulutan size Php250


Meat falling of the bones to melt in your mouth! That’s my gastronomic experience at Southern Grind Bistro with their bestselling ribs.

Half Rack of St. Louis Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs w/ Java Rice Php450

They also serve the delicious Bang Bang Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich. It’s made of crispy shrimps seasoned with 12 spices and special bang bang sauce, all packed in a soft buttered brioche!

Bang Bang Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich w/ deep fried potato chips Php150

Another southern comfort food is the Southern Pulled Pork Tacos. Click here to read more about Southern Grind Bistro and their menu.

Southern Pulled Pork Tacos w/ deep fried potato chips Php145


Golestan serves Persian-Filipino cuisine. Enjoy their special kebab plates and platters. Click here to read more about Golestan and their menu.

Beef Kebab Solo Php100

Chicken Kebab Solo Php100


It’s the well-loved tokwa’t baboy served like never before. The sizzling tokwa’t baboy gets a make-over and Adam’s Tapsizz’s prepares this to sizzle your appetite. Click here to read more about Asam’s Tapsizz’s and their menu.

Tokwa’t Baboy Php115


The marriage of drinks and desserts is celebrated at Hue Cafe PH. Like the Space Cookie Monster Frappe. A dessert drink reminiscent of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Click here to read more about Hue Cafe PH and their menu.

Space Cookie Monster Frappe Php195


Thirsty? Egg-it has that covered. Their stall serves drinks in bowls, pails and jars awesome for sharing. They even have glow in the dark ice cubes. You can also try their ball-shaped waffles called eggettes. Click here to read more about Egg-it Asian Street Food and their menu.

Blue Lemonade Php120


Space Bar PH is the only stall at Space Food Park selling very creative and interesting alcoholic drinks. Last Jedi’s Blood looked like blood in a blood bag. It’s actually a vodka based cocktail. Click here to read more about Space Bar PH and their menu.

Last Jedi’s Blood (vodka based cocktail) Php190 / Brew Kettle Php65 per bottle, bucket of 5 Php320

“The coolest space themed food park in Pasay U-belt.”
Address: Menlo St. corner Leveriza St., Pasay City
Operating Hours: Daily 5pm to 2am
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @spacefoodpark
Mobile: 0915-2696424

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