8 Must Activities at Zoocobia

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Going to the zoo isn’t just looking and learning about the animals. At Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, they raise the experience to a whole new level. There’s animal feeding, rides, and shows. How fun is that? Bring the kids, your friends, and family to Zoocobia and try these activities I recommend.

1. Parakeet Feeding

This turned out to be an awesome surprise!
At first, we were led to a sealed area full of parakeets. Everything seemed calm and ordinary. Then, our guide poured birdseed on my hands. That’s when everything started to get exciting. The birds flocked to my hands devouring the birdseed. Their small beaks tickled my palms.

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Parakeet Feeding

It was so much fun. Some of the seeds fell on the ground, and some of the birds flew down to finish them. We were careful not to step on the birds.

2. Zooc Gravity Car

Ride the gravity car and zoom down the 400-meter track. It doesn’t have any engines so it works with your body weight and gravity to move. It accelerates as you ride down the path, and you can slow it down with the brakes as you make a sharp turn before reaching the finish line.

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Zooc Gravity Car

3. Zing Ride

It’s like a swing and a zipline rolled into one.
It’s a very short and relaxing ride.

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Zing Ride

4. Camel Ride

I never thought this would be possible here in the Philippines. But it is!!!
From the platform, the guide will help secure you on the back of the camel. He will guide the camel walk around the area until you reach the platform again.

Zoocobia Clark 2015 -112

Camel Ride

5. Ostrich Feeding and Bearcat Feeding

I had to wear protection for my hand before the feeds were given to me. The ostrich I fed was really strong and I felt its force as it fed from my hand. I thought it was going to be painful, but thank God for the thick leather glove.

Ostrich Feeding

Ostrich Feeding

Near the ostrich area, you’ll see a bearcat above you. The guide will give you a stick with a piece of banana and the bearcat will reach for it. That’s the exciting part, it’s when the bearcat goes down the pole and tries to go near you to get its food. It’s getting up-close and personal.

Bearcat Feeding

Bearcat Feeding

6. Farm Animal Feeding

There were so many farm animals. I enjoyed feeding the camels. With their long necks, they reached out to eat the grass I was holding. They’re friendly.

Zoocobia Clark 2015 -103

Camel Feeding

7. Birds of Paradise

There’s an aviary where you could have the birds stay on your shoulder or your arms. That was a fun experience too!

Zoocobia Clark 2015 -041

Birds of Paradise

8. Zipline

I’m afraid of heights, but with their zipline, there’s nothing to fear. It wasn’t so high so I was comfortable using my selfie stick and camera phone to record the experience.
It was also fun that I had to go through leaves from the top of trees, it added to the excitement.

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RATES: (may change without prior notice)

Day Tour: Php295/person
Guests are allowed to go around the area and take a look at the animals. They can also go through the garden maze for free. Animal shows are available during weekends and holidays at 10am and 3pm. The rides and animal feeding are not included here.

Family Package for a group of four: Php1,999
Good for four (4) persons including day tour, set meal, unlimited rides for gravity car and giant slide, one time zing ride, and one set of animal feeding.
One set of animal feeding allows a guest to experience five feedings:
1. Parakeet
2. Ostrich
3. Bearcat or Monkey
4-5. Farm Animals (choice of 2): mini horses, deer, wagyu, camel, goats, sheep, and pigs

With Zoocobia's Joemar Deang

With Zoocobia’s Joemar Deang

Zooc Gravity Car: Php75
Giant Slide: Php50
Zing Ride: Php50
Animal Feeding: Php100 per set
Camel Ride: Php200
Horseback Ride: Php50
Zipline: Php200
Interaction with the Birds of Paradise: Php50 per bird

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Discounted rates are given to big groups, company outings, and field trips. Contact the management directly.

Zoocobia Map

Address: Clark Freeport Zone
Tel. Nos.: (045) 499-55-39 / 0919-490-9951 / 0906-289-4722 (look for Joemar Deang)
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zoomanity.com.ph/zoocobia
Instagram: @zoocobia

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